Carcedo announces the "immediate" start-up of the nursing prescription

Carcedo announces the "immediate" start-up of the nursing prescription

The Minister of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare, María Luisa Carcedo, today announced the "immediate" approval of the so-called nurse prescription if, as she trusts, the State Council issues its opinion on the royal decree today and this is favorable.

The entry into force of the royal decree will allow nurses to indicate and authorize the dispensing of certain medications subject to medical prescription based on protocols and clinical practice guidelines.

The announcement was made by Carcedo during her appearance in the Senate Health Committee, in which she has also advanced that women alone and lesbians will be able to access free assisted reproduction treatments "immediately."

During her speech, Carcedo said that the Mental Health Strategy will be presented in the month of December and will include a suicide prevention plan.

In addition, the development of the abortion law will be resumed through the elaboration of a strategy, "as an urgent measure".

Regarding therapeutic innovations, the minister has assured that the personalized medicine strategic plan "is very advanced" and will facilitate the incorporation of Car-T cell therapy in the National Health System, in addition to promoting actions that promote public research of these medications.

The minister is committed to the implementation of policies to reduce tobacco consumption, such as enforcing current legislation through "inspections in certain areas that ignore the rules", regulating new forms of consumption and expanding restrictions, although it has not precise in what direction those limitations go.

Carcedo has announced that the Government has sent to the Council of State the regulation on international adoptions, whose novelty is to establish a unique list of families that are offered for international adoption, as well as to establish a unique procedure at the national level for the accreditation of the control of the intermediation organizations.

The Government is acting with diligence to support the communities in the reception of unaccompanied immigrant minors (Menas), according to Carcedo, who recalled that the Royal Decree for the improvement and solidarity of these children is in the final process of approval .

This measure enables the possibility to some communities for the solidary reception of incorporated ores from other regions and is expected to hold an Inter-Territorial Council of Social Services in the coming dates to address this issue.

Carcedo has indicated that the law of comprehensive protection to protect against violence against children will include sexual abuse and new forms of violence such as harassment and violence exercised through social networks and, in addition, will try to avoid "the shameful silence and impunity for prescription of the crime that sometimes surrounds these situations ".

Spending on health in 2006, before the crisis, was an effective investment to reduce poverty and inequality. "We want to recover this trend and this Government will not be complacent or conservative in this situation," he stressed.


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