July 25, 2021

Carats of solidarity to stop COVID-19

Up to 125 goldsmiths and jeweler artists from twelve countries have joined hands to auction more than 160 artisan jewels that want to be more than works of art or simple ornaments and become delicate shields capable of stopping the spread of the Covid-19 with carats of solidarity.

Elena Larrén García, jewelry craftswoman and teacher at the Mariano Timón School of Arts in Palencia, received a call a few weeks ago from her colleague in Portugal Tania Gil, who has her workshop in Lisbon and wanted to launch an initiative in Portugal and Spain from Italian jewelers “with amazing results”.

“We are confined at home, very concerned seeing the situation caused by the coronavirus and we think that being at home was not an impediment to help in any way,” Elena Larrén explains to Efe.

That is why they pulled the phone, contacted friends from the sector in the two countries and decided to copy the idea of ​​their Italian colleagues and hold an auction with jewelry donated by other jewelers, artisans, goldsmiths. The fate of the money raised, Save the Children, Médicos Sin Fronteras and Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa.

With a lot of effort and dedication, this group of artists has worked from home to organize an auction “without borders” through Facebook, with the name of “Jewelers IN A (U) CTION” and the help of the jewelers who put it on March in Italy, the first European country hit by the coronavirus.

Especially from János Gábor Varga, one of the promoters in Italy, where they managed to raise 23,000 euros, “for the recommendations” he has given them “and their involvement in a project that has united us, more than ever, to Spanish, Portuguese and Italians, “said Elena Larrén.

Along with him, 124 other jewelers and goldsmiths have responded to this call for solidarity from 12 countries, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, England, the Netherlands, Japan, Brazil, Argentina and even Nepal.

All have been posting one or more pieces of their authorship on the Facebook platform created and designed by the Portuguese Andrea Gil, who has managed to add 1,600 people to the group, including jewelers and interested buyers, and shows more than 160 works of art. , for which you can bid from this Friday 10 and until April 15.

Pendants, earrings, rings, pulsars, brooches, necklaces … Jewels that want to transcend their aesthetic and artistic value and multiply their contribution to raise funds that will go entirely to the people who are served by the three chosen non-profit entities, entities that struggle on the ground every day with scarce resources to carry out their work.

“There is everything and for all tastes,” says Elena Larrén. Pieces made with silver, gold, seeds, acrylics, resins, copper, bronze and even a necklace created with the air chamber of a bicycle wheel by Sofia Catarino.

“It all depends on the style of each jeweler”, explains the woman from Palencia, who has collaborated by donating a necklace made with acrylic, wood, brass and resin, which she herself defines as “a jewel box” and some earrings from the same collection made in silver , ceramic and net.

Among the authors of all these treasures are Tania Gil, with silver earrings and a necklace, Laura González who signs a silver brooch, Kasumi Nagano who gives life to textile pieces with gold thread, Silvia Serra with a silver ring, Elena Comín with a silver and gold bracelet, Nina Ciel with some earrings or Enmmanuel Cannoleta with a silver pendant from a tree that stands still while losing its leaves and which it has aptly named “Resilience Pendant”.

The bidding begins this Friday 10, and until next Wednesday, April 15, anyone can get hold of any of the donated pieces for this occasion, whose starting prices range from one euro to 500 euros, so that no one is left out.

To be able to participate, you just have to become a member of JEWELLERS IN A (U) CTION, through a Facebook request or an invitation -on the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/217545292827183/- and the buyer will be the enter the amount you have paid for your solidarity jewel in the bank account of the chosen NGO.

“I am excited about the generosity and solidarity that this group has shown to help us Spanish and Portuguese,” said Elena Larrén, aware of the “great effort” that this involves for all her colleagues, mostly self-employed, who have closed their workshops and despite having no income have wanted to put a little shine on this pandemic.

Almudena Álvarez


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