July 28, 2021

Car sales fall by 17% in September after the jump they made in August | Economy

Car sales fall by 17% in September after the jump they made in August | Economy

The effect of the new emission measurement regulations on September 1 has caused an earthquake in vehicle sales in recent months. In August registrations grew 48.7%, reaching 107,692 in the month of vacation par excellence. Buyers and sellers sought to avoid the restrictions that would be imposed by the new rules and many operations were advanced. This has had consequences in September, when so many cars have not been sold: 69.129 passenger cars, 17% less than in the same month of the previous year, according to the bosses of the sector.

But these monthly highs and lows do not affect the bottom trend, as can be seen in the cumulative numbers throughout the year. In the first nine months of the year has already exceeded one million registrations. Specifically, it has reached 1.042 million, 11.7% more than in the same period of the previous year, a percentage that improves by five percentage points the pace maintained in 2017.

"The entry into force on September 1 of the new regulation for the measurement of WLTP emissions caused, during the months of July and August, an exceptional increase in deliveries, which explains the reduction in registrations in September because operations were advanced to these summer months ", explain the three employers (Anfac, Faconauto and Ganvam) of the automotive sector.

This oscillation has been noticed in all market segments, although the one that has suffered most is the rental market, with a 43% drop. On the other hand, among the individuals, the most voluminous, the monthly contraction was 17.7%.

By type of fuel, the trend seen in recent times of clear dominican gasoline, which accounted for 54.2% of all sales is maintained. Diesel, meanwhile, stood at 36.7%. A novelty of the month of September was the gain in market share of hybrid or electric propulsion vehicles, which stood at 9.1%. However, this advance is due more to the significant decline of the other types of cars, than to the progress of these cars.


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