Car registrations register a historic drop of 69.3% in March

Registrations of new passenger cars and SUVs registered a historic drop of 69.3% in March compared to the same month of the previous year, to 37,644 units, the second lowest figure since records are available (year 2000) and behind the September 2012 (35,148).

Weighed down by the coronavirus crisis, which has forced the closure of almost all commerce, the sale of passenger cars to individuals fell 67.5% (16,871 registrations), to companies 66.9% (12,613) and to renters 74 , 9% (8,160), according to data from the associations Anfac (manufacturers), Faconauto (dealers) and Ganvam (sellers).

In the accumulated of the first quarter, the fall is 31%, up to 218,705 registrations. In January, passenger car registrations fell by 7.8%, breaking with four months followed by increases, and in February by 6.03%.

"The total closure of the distribution and commercialization of vehicles since March 16 due to the expansion of the coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions of the state of alarm, has supposed, as expected, a serious blow to registrations, placing the figures March below the level of the worst months of the economic crisis "that started in 2008, the three associations highlighted in a joint statement.

According to the same source, although all the segments cut their sales, it stands out that those of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles lost almost two thirds of their usual volume of business.

Thus, in the case of passenger cars, it has gone from marketing an average of 4,500 units a day to registering days with 200 deliveries, emphasized the automobile associations, which have pointed out that the most affected channel is that of renters due to the sector break. tourist just before Easter.

With regard to individuals and companies in the last 15 days of the month, the data corresponds, "almost certainly", to operations carried out in previous months and which had not been able to be registered.

Regarding light commercial vehicles (van and small trucks), 6,703 units were registered in March, 67.2% less than a year earlier. In the quarter accumulated, the decrease is 33.5% (36,284 units).

Regarding industrial vehicles, buses, coaches and minibuses, registrations fell 36.8% in March and 18% in the first quarter.

In the case of industrial vehicles, all segments fell, with the exception of light industrial vehicles between 3.5 and 6 tons, whose registration increased by 28.4%.

"We are facing a month and some sales records unparalleled in the history of registrations in Spain (...). Sales are paralyzed and this situation will continue, at least, as long as the state of alarm lasts because the main objective is to overcome the pandemic, "said Anfac spokeswoman Noemi Navas.

However, the industry is already working on the "exit and recovery scenario" and with the idea that "it is possible to return quickly to where we were" as long as there is a "crash plan" that includes specific measures for the automotive sector, such as, for example, purchase aids focused on the comprehensive renovation of the park, he pointed out.

"With dealerships closed, we expect a non-existent market or one with falls of close to 90% in the next two months. Despite this, we should aim to hit bottom before the end of the first half and work hard in the second half of the year to start again the sector, "said Faconauto spokesman Raúl Morales.

Since Ganvam, Tania Puche has underlined that "the stoppage of activity as a consequence of the coronavirus crisis has caused that during the alarm state, registrations have fallen nearly 90% daily, which means registering only 300 units a day .


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