May 16, 2021

Car registrations in the EU during 2018 grew 0.1 percent

Car registrations in the EU during 2018 grew 0.1 percent

The registrations of new passenger cars in the European Union (EU) during 2018 grew by 0.1% compared to a year earlier, to 15,158,874 units, the employers' association ACEA informed today.

With this slight rise, the automobile market of the Old Continent adds five consecutive years to the rise.

The growth achieved in 2018 was achieved despite the consecutive decreases registered in the last four months of 2018.

In December, deliveries fell by 8.4% (998,503 vehicles), continuing the downward trend that began with the introduction of the new WLTP emissions and consumption approval system in September.

Purchases of cars during 2018 were mainly driven by the countries of Central Europe, where registrations grew by 8%, to 1,413,611, according to ACEA.

By country, the results during 2018 have been diverse, the source highlighted.

Among the five main markets of the EU, Spain and France finished positive, with increases of 7% (1,321,438 units) and 3% (2,173,481), respectively.

On the other hand, the main market of the European Union, which is Germany and that has been left 0.2%, has ended down to 3,435,778 units.

They have also ended up in negative Italy (3.1% and 1,910,025) and the second largest market in volume, the United Kingdom (6.8% and 2.367.147).

With regard to the EU to 15, the countries that make up this block have seen their sales of passenger cars reduced by 0.6% to 13,745,263.


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