Captured the two alleged murderers of the Fatima girl in Mexico

Mexican authorities captured on Wednesday the two alleged perpetrators of the murder of the girl Fatima, 7, who appeared dead last week after disappearing on February 11, announced the head of the Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum.

The two suspects, identified as Mario Alberto “N” and Giovana “N”, were arrested in a town in the central State of Mexico with the support of the National Guard and the local police, Sheinbaum added in his Twitter account.

The identities of the two suspects were revealed after the search on Tuesday of a home on San Felipe Street in the Xochimilco mayor’s office, the area where the child resided, the spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office of Justice reported today at a press conference. the capital, Ulises Lara.

The spokesman said that, according to the evidence, there is a “close” relationship between the two detainees because there is evidence that they were in that property and that it can be “deduced” that they can have a sentimental relationship.

Both could be sentenced to between 80 and 140 years in prison, the spokesman said, as the prosecution treats the crime as “deprivation of liberty for the purpose of harming.”

The mortal remains of Fatima were located on February 15 after some neighbors informed the authorities.

The Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City investigates the Fatima case as a femicide, and inquiries are kept open about the possible omission of liability of officials who may have incurred negligence.

The authorities had offered a reward of two million pesos ($ 107,642) to those who provide information to locate a woman, a robot portrait was disclosed.


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