Captain Kirk from ‘Star Trek’ travels to space today in one of Jeff Bezos’ ships

The actor William Shatner, who played the famous Captain Kirk in the science fiction series Star Trek, is one of the crew of the new space flight of Blue Origin, the company created by the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos. Blue Origin reported on October 4 in a statement the incorporation of Shatner as well as that of the space engineer and lawyer Audrey Powers, vice president of the company.

Last july 20 Bezos reached space aboard the New Sepharden spacecraft on a short flight of just over 10 minutes that departed from the west of Texas (USA.). The Amazon founder surpassed the 1000 km mark, making him the first billionaire to self-finance his own journey beyond the atmosphere. The launch took place in a context of competition against Richard Branson, who counter-scheduled his own orbital trip for July 11, but whose aircraft only ascended 80 kilometers, 20 below the Kármán Line, which experts consider the border with space.

The new mission of Blue origin, New Shepard NS-18, is scheduled for 4:00 p.m. this Wednesday (Spanish peninsular time) and will transport four crew members back and forth to space. In the official schedule, takeoff was set for October 12, but the forecast of winds in the area made the mission’s operations team decide to delay it.

The launch will take place in West Texas, like the one that took Bezos into space and can be followed live on this YouTube channel:

Along with Shatner and Powers will travel Chris Boshuizen, co-founder of Planet Labs, which was the first company to commercially use nanosatellites, and Glen de Vries, co-founder of Medidata Solutions, one of the world’s leading clinical research platforms.


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