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The first setback in Tomás Gimeno's life began, more or less, a year ago. It was when his ex-wife, Beatriz Zimmermann, decided to cut the relationship they had had since they were very young and start a new life with another couple, a Belgian in his 60s, Eric Domb. Gimeno knew him. With Eric he had mediated the purchase of a home in Tenerife. Until that moment, Tomy, as he was known in his environment, "had it all", as some friends refer. A wealthy family, money, property, high-end vehicles. However, he became violent if he considered that someone was harming him in his interests.

Tomy was born into a wealthy family, with large land holdings in the South of Tenerife and businesses related to agriculture. It had shares in a water gallery with which to irrigate agricultural estates, especially banana trees. One of his father's most important agricultural estates is in the Guaza area, in Arona, a few kilometers from the island's main tourist destination. In this area, his family also rents industrial buildings to small and medium-sized firms in various sectors: gardening, workshop and laundry.

Tomás Gimeno is the sole administrator of a company, Paradise Plants, which before the crisis recognized a turnover of more than two million euros. Part of the activity of that society consisted in the sale of flowers to hotels.

As a young businessman, with a consolidated activity, Tomás liked to live life on the edge. He became a good paddle tennis player, with victories in local tournaments. But he also enjoyed competing in go-karts or racing events; with motocross, speed on jet skis, and scuba diving on his boat, in which his family or friends went to bathe in front of the Anaga beaches, on the eastern tip of Tenerife.

However, in addition to that life "almost like a movie", in his career there were also other episodes that reveal his gruff and irascible character. A decade ago he attacked a paternal uncle who reported the events, for which he was prosecuted. The case was investigated in a court in the Arona district. He was also denounced on some occasion by the security forces for traffic violations.

Capricious, jealous and rough Pedro Fumero

Tomás seizes the day and the night. He used to be seen frequently by nightlife venues in the South of Tenerife, with flirtations and fleeting encounters, despite the relationship he continued to maintain with his lifelong girlfriend. In the first years of his life as a couple with Beatriz Zimmermann, both lived in a house on the Guaza family farm. For her first four and a half years, that was the family home that Olivia knew, whose body was found Thursday.

Beatriz was starting to get tired of residing in the area. "Guaza is far from everything," he said. Away from his job, from the school where his eldest daughter attended, and from his family. That is why they decided to buy the house and the farm in Igueste de Candelaria, in the middle of the Southeast of Tenerife to enjoy the tranquility of the countryside, but also to be closer to work and the girls' school. For most of her life, Beatriz lived in Radazul, a residential area less than 10 minutes by car from the capital.

One day, the woman decided that her coexistence with Tomás should end and decided to start a new life with Eric. And Tomy's emotional stability began to crumble. In July of last year, he hired a detective from La Laguna to follow up on Beatriz. Already at that time, Tomás' physical appearance was not that of the first photo that was shown after the kidnapping and murder of his daughters Olivia and Anna. He was much thinner. He stopped going to sports centers and the tragedy that we know today began to unfold.

Tomás considered himself an athlete and a natural competitor. In fact, he considered that his daughters should go his way. I wanted them to enjoy and compete in various disciplines. In tennis, especially. Sometimes he got impatient. He wanted his oldest daughter to start to excel as a brilliant athlete.

At the end of last year, a very worrying event occurred. He met Beatriz and Eric in the outdoor parking lot of a cafeteria. In a fit of anger, he went to the vehicle in which both arrived and dealt several blows to the current partner of his ex-wife. Olivia and Anna's mother wanted to come between them to stop the aggression, and she too was beaten.

In July, he hired a private detective from La Laguna to follow Beatriz, who had a boyfriend.


Tomy had started a relationship with another woman since the separation, the director of a children's center where the eldest of her daughters, Olivia, attended. He left her a farewell letter and 6,200 euros in a school pencil case before killing the little girls.

In his desire to attract attention and enjoy the speed, after his break with Beatriz he bought a high-end vehicle: an Alfa Romeo Giulia, whose market value is around 50,000 euros with the extras chosen by Tomy.

Before committing the murder of the girls, he left the vehicle at his father's house in Guaza. Both have shared a love for motorsports. In the 1970s his father won the Isla de Tenerife rally in three editions.

On the morning of April 27, Tomás Gimeno was at the family farm in Guaza, in the south of the island. As always, he was extroverted and animated with the employees. He asked a neighbor to change the front brakes on his other car, a white Audi A3. At 5:00 p.m. on the day of the crime, he picked up Anna from Beatriz's house in Radazul. Afterwards, he approached the children's center where Olivia was. He leaves the little girl at her parents' house, and takes the older one to racquetball lessons at a club located on the coast of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Olivia attended these sessions with other classmates from the German School. Gimeno watched her daughter from a distance for a moment.

Then, around six in the afternoon, he went to the Marina Tenerife marina to start and test the Mercury engine of his boat. The boat did not use it frequently, but very occasionally. It was clear to him that he had to make sure that, at night, he would not have problems going out to fulfill his macabre project. At 6.30 pm, he returned to the club and picked up Olivia. The next point where Tomy is located is in the house that her parents own in a central street in the capital of Tenerife; an area where families with high purchasing power reside.

Capricious, jealous and rough Pedro Fumero

At that address, he was barely an hour. But he had a gesture that did not go unnoticed by the grandparents of the little girls. When he said goodbye, he hugged his father, something unusual.

Afterwards, he got back into his car with the girls and headed towards the house and farm of Igueste de Candelaria. The house has several patios, an empty pool, playgrounds and fruit orchards. The woman who lives in the house closest to Tomy's property heard the girls that afternoon, between 7:45 pm and 8:00 pm. From that moment on, no one ever saw or heard the girls again. Away from the eyes of witnesses and without people to hinder his plan to end the lives of the little girls, he killed them. He picked up two sports bags and shoved the girls' bodies inside. The bodies were taken to the trunk of the Audi. Shortly after 9:00 p.m., Beatriz called Tomy to remind her that she had to deliver the little ones. The father replied that he was having dinner with them and that he would take them away as soon as he could. That way, he gained enough time to reach the sea. He also got his dog in the vehicle. Later, he returned to his parents' home, where he left the animal in the outside garden, discreetly, without notifying his relatives, so that no one would ask the reason for his action.

From the center of the capital, he headed towards the San Andrés highway, which leads to Las Teresitas beach. And it turned aside at the level of the Fishing Dock. After circulating among the industrial buildings, Tomy headed up the long dock. After traveling hundreds of meters, he passed the docked boats of the Maritime Service of the Civil Guard and entered the marina. At that time, there were hardly any cars parked. Only one watchman observed his movements. He parked at the access to pier A, where his boat was docked. It was 9:30 p.m. He spoke on the phone and made three trips with bags to his boat, a twenty-foot Sea Rae with an outboard motor. In two of those packages were the bodies of the little girls.

The scene was captured by the security cameras of the compound. And at 9:50 p.m., the motor of the boat started, advanced about 15 meters and left the Marina breakwater. Barely ten minutes later, Beatriz, worried about the delay, calls him again. Tomás was already sure that no one was going to stop his plan of hatred and revenge. And, for that reason, he already dared to tell his ex-wife that he would never see the little girls again, nor him either.

He went about three miles into the ocean and stopped the engine. He tied the boat's anchor to the bag Olivia was in and another that appeared empty. And threw it overboard. Also, he tied a duvet to a scuba bottle and dropped it to the bottom. There were more conversations with his wife. But the path of destruction could no longer be retraced. At 11:00 pm he ran out of battery in his mobile phone. And he returned again to Marina Tenerife. He docked the ship and got in the car to find a gas station where he could buy a charger. He found her on the San Andrés highway, near María Jiménez, about five minutes from the aforementioned marina. In addition to the electronic object, he also bought tobacco. On that journey he was stopped by the Civil Guard for breaching the curfew without just cause, for which he was denounced. It did not raise suspicions.

He returned to the marina and charged his mobile for about 20 minutes at the guard's booth. The worker saw that he was nervous and eager to get out again. The clerk warned him not to sail anymore, due to the curfew.

His title of basic skipper also did not allow him to do so and his boat lacks lighting to navigate at night, because he poses a danger to himself and the occupants of other boats. At 00.30 hours, it leaves Marina Tenerife again for the last time. From one o'clock in the morning he has a long conversation with Beatriz, but that, ultimately, only served, again, to warn her that she would not see the minors or him again. He also remembered to send goodbye messages to his parents and some friends. At two o'clock in the morning you lose track of your phone in the sea.


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