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'Capitana Marvel' achieves the best premiere of the year with 404 million euros | Culture

'Capitana Marvel' achieves the best premiere of the year with 404 million euros | Culture

Brie Larson, in 'Capitana Marvel'. In video, trailer of the movie.

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Captain Marvel already breaks records. After its debut in cinemas last Friday, March 8, the first film of Marvel Studios starring a superhero has achieved the best start to the year in Spain - with 4.1 million euros - and in the world, with 404 million euros (133 million of them in the United States and Canada), according to data offered by ComScore. And that on the Internet some fans had opted for a boycott because the movie stars a superhero.

The search to complete the tesect, directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck and starring Brie Larson, it has become the sixth highest grossing film in history worldwide. It is also the feature film directed by a filmmaker with the best start in history, supplanting Wonder Woman, of Patty Jenkins, which reached 91.6 million dollars in its US + Canadian premiere and 363.7 million in its world debut.

In Spain ComScore, with data still provisional, confirms that the film has raised 4,100,418 euros, which is 5,875 euros per screen.

Captain Marvel It is also the second premiere of Marvel with the highest grossing at the box office in its international premiere. The first position is occupied by the Russo brothers' feature film, Avengers: Infinity War, which obtained in its first weekend 228.58 million euros in the US box office and 569.2 million in the world. At the end of its commercial journey it raised 1,821.5 million euros.

After the success of Black Panther, which won 179.6 million euros in its first weekend in theaters in 2018, Captain Marvel It seems to show that diversity is a guarantee of success in cinemas.

Between Infinity War Y Captain Marvel there are films like Fast & Furious 8, with almost 482 million; Star Wars: The awakening of the Force, with 470.5 million; Jurassic World, with 467.3 million; and the second installment of Harry Potter, with 429.7 million.

The 21st Marvel film has surpassed other titles at the box office Star Wars: The Last Jedi Y Batman vs. Superman: the dawn of Justice. On April 26 he arrives at the halls Avengers: Endgame, the sequel to Infinity War that, according to the forecasts, will beat more records at the box office.


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