March 2, 2021

Cantona and Liam Gallagher, rivals in football, together in a video clip

Rock and roll is above football, they seem to tell us. Eric Cantona, former Manchester United forward, has been crowned “The King” in the new video clip of Liam Gallagher, a mancunian and an unrelenting follower of Manchester City. And yet, it is not so strange that the sullen rocker has chosen a footballer whose most memorable play was a flying kick to an amateur who was incredible. This is not the place to gloss the multiple virtues of the French football career, but to understand that symbiosis among rival fans is possible if there is a common attitude towards life, preferably dominated by bad milk.

Apparently, Cantona recorded himself singing “Once” one of the songs on Liam Gallgher’s latest album and he called him to make him the protagonist of the song’s video clip. In it, the former player appears in a baton and gayumbos walking through his mansion while Liam serves him wine, holds his glass and serves as a driver for his Rolls Royce.

In the four minutes that the sequence plane lasts, Cantona exchanges the batin for a cape and adjusts a crown. A sign recalls in the end that he is “The King.” Precisely this year marks 25 of the famous striker’s kick that cost him a period suspension: nine months without playing. «I should have given him stronger. I can’t regret it, ”he said, recalling the facts with the same bravado that the Gallaghers hate publicly in networks. The player’s reasons for such a coz to the Crystal Palace fan is that, it seems, he said: “Go to your country, you bastard.” In Brexit England there are things that do not happen overnight. As the fan revealed, that event cost him his job and a few friendships, since the following weeks, months and years the press began to follow him and investigate him and discovered sympathies with ultra-right groups.

And if there is a musician capable of throwing a kung fu kick even against one of his own fans, Gallagher bears the surname. That is why Liam has said he is “absolutely delighted” with his experience with the Red Devils forward, whom he defined as “the last rock and roll footballer.” The 47-year-old singer does not want to look at the past with bitterness, as one of Oasis’s most exciting songs says, but last year, when asked to do football memory, he cursed his memories of the 90s, when Cantona and Alex Ferguson massacred the “citizens.” «They ruined my life in the 90s», he confessed in a specialized publication.

In his social networks, the French titled the collaboration: “When two Manchester legends meet.” By the way, no matter how furious “hooligans” the singing brothers may seem (and the Bernabéu without going any further has witnessed their little refined ways), this is not the first time that an icon of the rival team appears in their work . On the cover of his debut album, “Definitely Maybe” appears a photograph in the lower corner where a crestfallen football player is seen. It’s George Best, legend of United. What seems clear is that it is easier for a Gallagher to reconcile with the eternal sports rival than to make peace with his own brother.


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