Cante de las Minas Contest kicks off with the first of the three semifinals

La Unión (Murcia), Aug 4 (EFE) .- The contest of the LX International Festival of Cante de las Minas de La Unión (Murcia) will start this Wednesday, in the first of the three days of the semifinals, with eight of the 25 Liza participants (three singers, two dancers, a guitarist and two instrumentalists).

On the stage of La Maquinista de Levante, which this year replaces the old Public Market of La Unión as the main venue of the festival, will pass the cantaora Virginia Gámez Gil (Madrid), who will perform an interpretation of miner, taranta, cartagenera, malageña, granaína , tangos and soleá.

For his part, José León Márquez (Seville) will perform a repertoire that will include mining, taranta, taranto, seguiriya and alegrías.

In addition, the cantaor Nicolás Pelegrín Larios (Lorca, Murcia) will review the taranta, cartagenera, malagueña and granaína y media.

The dance section will come from the hand of Juan Tomás Domínguez, known as 'Juan Tomás de la Molía' (Granada), who will dance for taranto and cantiñas, while Beatriz Rivero Pardal (Seville) will dance for taranto and soleá.

The guitarist Martín Fayos Limón, better known as Niño Martín (Seville), will play por taranta and soleá por bulería.

The category of flamenco instrumentalists will be represented by the pianist Juan Antonio Cortés Martí (Madrid), who will perform taranto and joy.

Likewise, Rubén Jiménez Urbano, known as 'Niño Rubén', (Córdoba) will play a taranta and a bulería with his bassoon.

The jury, made up of Pepe Cros, Francisco Severo, Antonio Ayala 'El Rampa' and Francisco Cayuela, has chosen 25 semifinalists (10 singers, 6 dancers, 4 guitarists and 5 instrumentalists), who will look for their pass between today and next Friday to the grand finale, scheduled for Saturday.

The objective of the contestants is to succeed the singer Matías López Expósito “El Mati”, Mining Lamp of 2019; José Fermín Fernández, Bordón Minero (guitar); Olga Aznar, Desplante Femenino (dance) and Alejandro Solano, Filón (instrument), winners in their categories in the contest held two years ago.


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