July 24, 2021

Cantabria promotes a project to spread the Camino Santiago among young people

Cantabria promotes a project to spread the Camino Santiago among young people

The Government of Cantabria has launched a new initiative to disseminate the heritage of the Northern Way of Santiago, Unesco World Heritage since 2015, among the youngest.

The proposal, called "Being a Pilgrim", will take place during the months of October and November and the participation of nearly 700 students of Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) is expected.

As highlighted by the regional executive today in a press release, this year 2018 marks the European Year of Cultural Heritage, so the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, through the program "Young values", has designed this proposal didactic

Its goal is to encourage ESO students to discover, know and appreciate their heritage, understood as "an exceptional legacy" that must be protected, but also as an engine of development and well-being for the future.

During two days, through visits and explanations developed by historians and specialized guides, students will discover "in situ" the cultural and environmental heritage that hosts the Jacobean route, with the aim of promoting awareness and preservation of heritage.

The first day the participants will travel the ten kilometers between Santoña and Noja, during which they will visit the Natural Park of the Marshes of Santoña, Victoria and Joyel, to spend the night in the Solórzano lodge.

The next day they will visit the tidal mill of Santa Olaja and the Casona de las Mareas de Soano, among other spaces.

The Camino de la Costa to Santiago, on its way through Cantabria, runs along the coast from east to west along 250 kilometers, crossing 30 municipalities, and it is one of the most used routes and houses an important cultural heritage.


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