Cantabria accumulates 146 forest fires during the state of alarm

Cantabria accumulates 146 forest fires caused since the state of alarm was declared on March 14 by the spread of the coronavirus, a period in which agents from the Natural Environment have managed to identify four suspected perpetrators of fires.

Those events have been transferred to the Prosecutor’s Office for the appropriate purposes, according to the regional government, although the fire procedures, in principle, would be suspended by not entering within those defined as essential in the state of alarm (they would be the causes with prisoners or those that affect minors or people with disabilities, for example).

The extinction work of the last fires that have occurred have been favored by the rains that have fallen in the region in the last hours, something that motivated the deactivation of level 2 alert throughout Cantabria.

However, the General Directorate for Biodiversity, the Environment and Climate Change will maintain active level 1 of the operation, with an on-call technician, one emitter per shift, 13 Natural Environment agents and 3 forest crews, in addition to the Reinforcement Brigade in Forest Fires (BRIF) of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, based on the heliport of Ruente.

To all this we must add the surveillance operation, with a Natural Environment agent per shift in each of the 13 forest regions.

The Cantabrian Government recalls that both the fire and surveillance operations have been declared essential services during the period of the state of alarm, and once again calls on the public to provide any data that would allow the identification of alleged perpetrators of fires or any other act that threatens the environment, communicating to Natural Environment agents, the Civil Guard or 112.


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