Canon, the all-in-one company in the image sector

Canon, the all-in-one company in the image sector


Canon is pure image. And not in the sense of what it projects to the outside but in the most literal meaning of the word. Colors and shapes are its essence … whether in photo cameras, printers, video surveillance systems. Because this company does not live alone that the client presses the trigger of an SLR but that it profits from the image in its broadest sense. «We process, capture and print them. We can do the complete cycle ", explains Geert Rongen, CEO of Canon for Spain and Portugal.

They are the all in one of the image. And its strategy to diversify markets lies in launching wherever there is a niche market. For example, few know that they also provide service in medical equipment. "It always depends on the opportunities," says the manager. Even so, they are aware that their flagship value is the cameras, not without a few headaches for the top executives of society. "We have suffered on the camera side because the market has dropped a lot," says Rongen, who acknowledges that the development of mobile phones has been like that. flash that blinds you when you get too close: "It has affected all of us equally. But when you're number one, it affects you the most. "

Mobile phones have put images at your fingertips for anyone who wants to capture an instant. There is no longer that need to spend hundreds of euros on a camera – compact, bridge or SLR, whatever it is – but the mobile fulfills the same task … at least in functionality. On quality, Rongen disagrees: «Is not the same, it can not be compared. People who understand know. " He adds: "The images are good but for a group of people."

Canon also works with projectors
Canon also works with projectors – ABC

This being the case, Canon always tries to see it illuminated even if the photo is dark. "Mobile sellers are increasingly focused on the camera. And it helps us because there are more people who are interested in photography, "says the CEO. A way to assimilate the blow looking for a future return thanks to the fact that the popularization of the image also favors that, in the last instance, the fans of the image increase. Even so, there is a type of camera that is in the process of disappearing: the compact, that first device that had everything integrated and could only press the trigger with or without flash. The reason is that mobiles already cover that need with acceptable qualities.

While phones increasingly act more like laptops and photo cameras, everything is the result of innovation. And that maxim in Canon has also caught on. It is immersed in their DNA as they consider that «all companies have that challenge» because «technology goes very fast and we have to always train our people». As proof, that the company has been the third company in the last five years U.S with the largest number of patents -3,285 in 2017-, only behind IBM and Samsung Electronics. In fact, Rongen does not hesitate to answer proudly that his pace of placing on the market of new products is just 48 hours. «We launch something new every two business days. There's always news, "says the brand manager for Spain and Portugal.

And being that at the top –36,106 million dollars in sales, about 200,000 employees …- your exposure is increasing. Diversify consider from Canon that it is essential to grow although their goal is not always to be the best, but to be among the best. "We want to always be number one or two. Sometimes it's better to be the first but sometimes not; If you are number one and the market is mature, you can not grow. For us, in that position you have to take different businesses to grow in other ways ». Businesses, however, that all coincide in the same sector. Canon is … pure image.


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