Tue. Oct 22nd, 2019

Candini is left without positions of trust

The last plenary session Calella, the mayor, Montserrat Candini, was forced to remove from the agenda the point that referred to the allocation of two positions of trust, linked to the Department of Housing and Transparency and Good Government. The last negotiating attempt that Candini carried out in a break from the plenary session was unsuccessful.

The governance of Calella for the next term seems to be of maximum complexity as the government partners of Junts per Catalunya (6) and the PSC (2) remain a councilor of the absolute majority. Hence, regidores as the only one of Ciutadans acquire an unusual role during the legislature.

To regain the two positions of trust, the government must wait for calellense approval of the budget of 2020. According to digital Calella.com several names were shuffled to fill these paid positions, as Soufian Laroussi, number 3 of the Socialist candidacy and Jordi Sitjà and Lorena Sánchez, both exconcejales exconverges.

The mayor has a month, from the constitution of the City Council on June 15, to approve the chapter on salaries and compensation to councilors, including those who will have exclusive dedication, but also those of casual staff. However, the City Council has other legal formulas to work with the rejected positions of trust, such as billing for the work being autonomous, according to the Consistory's sources.

In the next plenary session the municipal government can approve the proposal of salaries and dedications of all the councilors. According to the same sources, the councilor of Ciutadans would abstain and the quality vote of the mayor would overthrow the proposal in his favor. All this while the controversy generated by some members of Junts per Catalunya for the pacts with the PSC in Calella is burning.

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