December 3, 2020

Cancer researchers demand a firm commitment to science

Spanish cancer researchers have asked the parliamentary commission for the reconstruction of the country for a “determined” commitment to science and they have specified twelve urgent measures that should be implemented.

Cancer, the researchers have recalled, constitutes one of the main “pandemics” in the country, with 120,000 deaths a year in Spain, and with a group – cancer patients – that needs short-term measures to alleviate neglects in diagnosis and treatment. suffered in recent months

The Spanish Association for Cancer Research (ASEICA) has approached the country’s Commission for Reconstruction to ask for this firm commitment to invest in basic and clinical research.

In a letter addressed to the president of the Commission, Patxi López, this organization has outlined what are the needs of the Spanish science sector, and which have “become more acute” due to the crisis caused by COVID-19.

According to ASEICA, the academic, hospital and technological sectors need help to start a reconstruction process that must begin with a boost to the research system and an increase in funding from the State Research Agency and the Carlos III Health Institute.

The reinforcement measures should be channeled both to carrying out research projects and to training, attracting and retaining young talent, according to the researchers.

The twelve proposals of researchers in oncology include aspects such as investment in new biomedical technologies, promotion of new oncological treatments or a commitment to innovation in the field of patient care.


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