July 26, 2021

Canceled the comic that had Jesus Christ as the protagonist | Culture

Canceled the comic that had Jesus Christ as the protagonist | Culture

Last December it was announced that Jesus of Nazareth would be presented as a hero on the Vertigo seal of DC Comics, being one of the characters of a new comic that would be called Second Coming. A new series written by Mark Russel and illustrated by Richard Pace, whose plot revolves around the second coming of Christ. However, not everyone liked the news. The franchise has announced to the owners of comic stores that the series was canceled in the face of controversy.

The religious group Hazte Oír summoned some 200,000 people in the United States who demanded that the comic book not see the light due to its "inappropriate and blasphemous" content. The pressure has reaped its fruits. The series, which was intended to be published monthly from March 6, was the subject of an online petition describing it as "inappropriate" and "blasphemous content."

On Twitter, Mark Russell, who created the series with artist Richard Pace, revealed that the cancellation of the series in DC was his decision. "For you to know, DC did not do anything wrong, I asked for the rights back and they accepted with grace, it has been a pleasure to work with them and it will still be published, although with a different editor". In another tweet he added: "I want to thank everyone in Vertigo. [Mahan, editora], Maggie [Howell, editora asistente] and Mark [Doyle, editor ejecutivo de DC Vertigo] for all your support and hard work. Wherever you go, you should know that this is still your book. "

Cancellation of Second Coming follows the cancellation in December of another series of DC Vertigo, Border Town, after the writer Eric M. Esquivel was accused of sexual abuse. So much Border Town as Second Coming They were part of a high-profile relaunch of DC Vertigo's footprint in celebration of its 25th anniversary.


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