Canary Islands students face the EBAU this week

Students took the EBAU last year at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Students took the EBAU last year at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The Canary Islands students Together with those of Castilla La Mancha, the Community of Madrid, Aragon, the Principality of Asturias, the Balearic Islands, the Valencian Community, Catalonia, Extremadura, Galicia, the Basque Country and Castilla y León, they face the EBAU this week.

The first week of June they carried out the Evaluation of the Baccalaureate for University Access (EBAU) the Region of Murcia, La Rioja and Navarra.

The students from Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla will be the last to face this test, from June 15 to 17.

In this way, by the middle of the month the 200,000 young people from all over Spain who have completed the 2nd year of high school and have been summoned for the old "Selectividad" will have already been examined.

The test is divided into two phases: the general (language and literature, foreign language, history and a core subject according to the modality of Baccalaureate taken) and the specific or voluntary, where a maximum of four exams can be taken.

The qualification for access to the University is still calculated weighing 40% the result of the test and 60% the stage of the Baccalaureate. It will be understood that the access requirements are met when the result of this weighting is equal to or greater than 5 points.

This is the second EBAU marked by the pandemic, and this year, in addition, after a course taught blended in classrooms.

But this test is face-to-face for all students, who, like teachers, must follow strict prevention and hygiene measures.

They have to respect the interpersonal distance of at least one and a half meters and are obliged to wear a mask during the entire test.

In addition, the protocol includes the use of hydroalcoholic gel and the recommendation to avoid crowds and maintain cross ventilation in the classroom by opening doors and windows.

Students who have symptoms, are in quarantine or awaiting a critical screening test, will not be able to take the test.

The extraordinary call will take place between the end of June and the first half of July in all the communities, with the exception of Catalonia, where it will take place from September 7 to 9.


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