November 29, 2020

Canary Islands rules out tightening, for now, the mandatory use of masks – La Provincia

He Canary Islands government spokesman, Julio Pérez, has assured this Thursday that the Executive sees no sign of “worsening” or non-compliance by the population that suggest a tightening of any restrictions derived from the coronavirus crisis.

In any case, he said that the “Government of the Canary Islands is attentive” to the situation across the country, especially regarding sprouts. In the case of the Canary Islands, she wanted to specify, “there is” no “element” that makes it necessary to make additional decisions, since “there” is “no” worsening “of the epidemiological situation” or even failure of most

This is how the spokesman of the Canary Islands Government at the press conference after the Governing Council after being asked if the Canary Islands evaluates the possibility of hardening the use of masks just as it is happening in Catalonia or the Balearic Islands.

Pérez explained that in the Canary Islands there is “no outbreak or regrowth”, except in the cases of groups of immigrants who have reached the Canary Islands through boats or similar boats. “Removing these episodes, the evolution is still good,” he said.

Furthermore, in this regard, he specified that many of the sick migrants are already recovering from the disease and also recalled that the “performance of the tracking teams” in positive cases is being “very intense”.


There are in the Canary Islands practically daily “several hundred suspects“which lead to very” few positives “and that is due, he explained, to the” very thorough tracking “that public health is doing.

Pérez said that the President of the Canary Islands, Angel Victor Torres, moved to Governing Councilor his “satisfaction and hope” after what the members of the free flight of Covid-19 from the World Tourism Organization, which landed yesterday in the archipelago.

“The Canary Islands was already a safe destination and now it is also a sanitary one,” Pérez said. Regarding the controls at the airports, he said that in the inter-islands, their intensity has been reduced, considering that the movements between islands are safe, although he advanced that if at any time it is considered necessary to tighten them, they will do so.

The same could happen in the event that it is convenient to harden the mandatory face masks: “We are not in that situation, but if we did, we would take it. But we are not, in the opinion of the public health authorities, who are very demanding, I assure you,” he concluded.


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