Canary Islands reaches 2,000 deaths from covid

Canary Islands reaches 2,000 deaths from covid

The virus claims another ten lives. Care pressure falls with 120 hospitalized fewer than on Tuesday and 458 new infections are recorded in people over 60 years of age, the lowest figure since the flu

Carmen Delia Aranda

The Canary Islands reached 2,000 deaths from coronavirus this Friday since the start of the pandemicaccording to data from the latest report issued by the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies of the Ministry of Health.

Most of the deaths in people with Sars-Cov-2 have been registered in the
last two waves; that of last July, a month that added 127 reported deaths, and during the sixth wave, which claimed 422 lives in the months of January and February, the deadliest of the pandemic in the archipelago.


  • two lethal waves
    The seventh wave, with 127 deaths in July, and the sixth, which caused 422 deaths in January and February, have been the periods with the highest mortality.

  • A thousand deaths in ten months
    Since October of last year, the number of victims of covid on the islands has doubled.

  • Healthcare distension
    The healthcare pressure for covid has been halved during the month of August.

  • drop in infections
    The seven-day cumulative incidence stood this Friday at 195 infections per 100,000 inhabitants, the lowest since April.

Half of the deaths linked to covid took place in the last ten monthssince the archipelago recorded the first 1,000 deaths from the new virus in October 2021.

On the other hand, this Friday Health confirmed other
ten kills of infected people in the archipelago between 49 and 92 years old.

It is paradoxical that the Canary Islands reach this dramatic record in
a positive day from the epidemic point of viewwith the
least number of positives accounted for since the change in the covid surveillance strategy and a vertiginous
hospital pressure drop caused by disease.

Health notified this Friday
458 new infections in people over 60 years old of the islands, recorded since Tuesday. It is the lowest number of infections recorded in 72 hours since last April, when infections in children under that age were no longer reported.

According to the
healthcare pressurethis Friday the covid patients admitted to the Canarian hospitals were 180 compared to the 300 that the Canarian health centers attended until Tuesday.

A total of
167 people infected They were hospitalized this Friday on the floor, 109 less than on Tuesday, while another 13 are admitted to intensive care units (11 less).

The number of people hospitalized has fallen by half in just two weeks, since on August 2 the health centers of the Canary Islands treated 359 people for covid; 333 hospitalized on the ward and 26 in the ICU.

The accumulated incidence in the Canary Islands drops to its lowest levels since only infections in those over 60 years of age are counted. Specifically, the seven-day cumulative incidence yesterday stood at 195.84 cases per 100,000 inhabitants of the age group subject to epidemiological surveillance, while the 14-day cumulative infection rate stood at 456 points.

Despite the positive evolution of the pandemic and the decrease in infections, the archipelago has its
transmission indicators above the national average which places the incidence at seven days at 107 points and at fourteen at 456 points.

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