August 14, 2020

Canary Islands lost 2.3 million places in this winter season – La Provincia

The Canary Islands will have 2.3 million fewer seats (-5.5%) than last year in the winter season that starts next weekend. The data offered yesterday by Spanish Airports and Air Navigation (AENA) reflect, as the operator acknowledges, "some volatility" for "the cessation of the company's activityThomas Cook. A total of 785 routes make up the connectivity of the Islands at the start of winter.

The summer and winter seasons for air transport are marked by time changes. Thus, between Sunday of this week, when the clocks will be delayed one hour, and on March 28, 2020, 22.6 million seats will be made available to potential clients to arrive or leave the Archipelago.

Of that total, the seats that correspond to international flights exceed 13.5 million, while the supply in national connections is above 9.1 million. As the same operator pointed out, these data respond to the requests made by the airlines to meet the operations designed for months, so it is not surprising that changes will occur over the next five months.

It is also the numbers that make up the offer. The occupation will only be known when the flights have been operated. Despite this caveat, AENA's information does reveal the rapprochement between national and international markets.

In the last winter season, 12.81 million passengers integrated the demand in the flights of other countries, while in the inter-island and those that connect the Islands with the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands they did 6.87 million. That fork is significantly reduced – always waiting for the response of the clientele – in the current year.

Quick response

Despite the reduction, the situation is far from the drama that generated Thomas Cook's bankruptcy a few weeks before the start of the winter season. "The joint work of AENA with different administrations and airlines", highlights the operator, has allowed to increase the places that on August 31 integrated the offer.

This rapid maneuver deployed, according to the calculations of the mixed capital company with a public majority, has allowed recovering "74%" of the seats announced by Thomas Cook UK. Among other issues, for the suppression of the passenger fare for all these seats that have fattened the offer since the last day of August. "It will mean a reduction of about 38% compared to the total cost of the scale," AENA explained.

For airports, the loss of seats at the Gran Canaria airport exceeds 350,000 (-4.7%) and the total offer remains at just over 7.1 million seats. Of these, 4.1 million correspond to international flights and three million to national flights. As for connectivity, there are 241 routes with origin or destination in Gando.

The two airports of Tenerife also serve to compare the different evolution of the national markets – inter-island included – and abroad. Tenerife South, where the vast majority of international flights arrive, loses 489,000 seats (-8.3%) for a total of more than 5.4 million, while Tenerife North, airfield for flights between islands and most of the connections With the Peninsula, it earns 96,000 (3.3%) and closes an offer that currently exceeds three million seats.

Reina Sofía has 220 routes and Los Rodeos, with 42. In this chapter, flights can be taken from Lanzarote for 128 different connections. The relative fall is the most intense (-9.6%) in the Canary Islands after 350,400 places vanished with respect to the last winter season.

The contraction of the offer is located in Fuerteventura at 6.2% (178,500 seats less) and is set slightly above the 2.7 million seats that are distributed among 124 different connections.

The fall in La Palma is 5%. There are 26 routes that this winter has and 842,000 seats for sale. Of the other two airfields, exclusive for inter-island traffic, La Gomera repeats 44,000 seats while El Hierro rises to 148,000, an additional 8.6%.

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