August 1, 2021

Canary Islands feel the 'coletazo' of Leslie – The Province

Canary Islands feel the 'coletazo' of Leslie - The Province

Leslie, the erratic tropical storm that since the end of September swarms the Atlantic Ocean Without a fixed direction, he has changed his direction again. The latest estimate of National Hurricane Center of the United States about the trajectory of the hurricane, which would cause it to go back into the interior of the Atlantic and avoid passing over the Canary Islands.

Although the Archipelago do not suffer the full consequences of Leslie, according to the latest forecasts, the islands will feel the 'coletazo' of the passage of the front next Sunday, October 14. The State Agency of Meteorology (Aemet) has not yet decreed any type of warning about this phenomenon.

In the early this Thursday it went from being a tropical storm to becoming a category 1 hurricane due, among other factors, to its displacement to much warmer waters that will provide the energy needed to intensify even more.

Time for this Bridge of Hispanidad

The Puente de la Hispanidad will be through water in the Canary Islands due to Hurricane Leslie.

East Friday, 12, in the Canary Islands, stable weather is expected with weak winds of northern component. In the north of the islands of greater relief and in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, cloudy intervals, tending to little cloudy in the afternoon except in areas of the interior of the islands of greater relief where there will be intervals of evolution. In the rest of the areas, little cloudiness tending at intervals from the central hours. The temperatures will register few changes of the minimum and slight rise of the maximum in the islands of greater relief.

For him Saturday, October 13, in the Canary Islands will increase the possibility of showers, especially in the western islands. The skies will present morning cloudy intervals, with the skies slightly cloudy in the afternoon. At the end of the day, cloud cover will increase in the westernmost islands where there is a probability of weak showers in the last hours.

And finally, the Sunday, October 14, presents an uncertainty with the presence on the Atlantic of the tropic click Leslie, whose trajectory still presents doubts, despite the latest predictions. According to this forecast, the rains on La Palma could be locally more intense, and less likely on the eastern islands. It is not ruled out that the precipitations are accompanied by a storm. The temperatures will register few changes or in slight ascent, without ruling out occasionally very strong gusts in Isla Bonita.


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