April 11, 2021

Canary Islands exceeds 200 infections and registers a deceased

PCR test tubes for covid detection

PCR test tubes for covid detection

New rebound in daily infections in the Islands with 212 positives and one death in the last hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health of Canary Islands Government. The 272 epidemiological discharges leave a balance of 5,679 (-61) active cases in the Archipelago.

Canarian hospitals currently have 262 patients (+2) and ICUs have 78 admitted (-4). The cumulative incidence per 100,000 inhabitants is 56.33 (+1.72) at 7 days and 105.97 (-1.81) at 14 days.

By islands, Gran canaria it adds 87 cases and regrets a new deceased (188). Assets continue to decline to 2,882 (-113) after 199 medical discharges.

Tenerife registers 76 cases and active loans increase to 2,273 (+29) after only 47 registrations in the last hours.

Fuerteventura, for its part, it detects 23 cases and now adds 196 active persons (+23). Lanzarote registers 14 infections and assets fall to 274 (-11). La Palma adds nine cases and reaches 25 (+8) assets. El Hierro remains with 24 active cases.

La Gomera adds three positives after several days without detecting infections and adds five active cases.


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