October 26, 2020

Canary Islands ‘denies’ Blue Monday and denies that it is the saddest Monday of the year – La Provincia

The brand Canary Islands has ‘reneged’ of Blue monday with a campaign that denies, that, at least in the archipelago, the third Monday in January is the saddest of the year, as reported by the Tourism Department.

In this regard, in the last four years, Canary Islands Tourism He has tried to demystify this date by arguing that it is impossible to have a bad day on the islands, mainly because neither blue is sad in an archipelago where the sea and the clear sky are an incentive to be in a good mood; nor mondays are worse day than another.

In this case, Bell It is based on a video starring children who are not influenced by false information and therefore, from innocence, wonder what is Blue Monday, under their own fresh, cheerful, vital and positive point of view.


The Bell It will be developed on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter during this Monday, January 20, and is aimed at eight markets, specifically, to Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Norway Y Sweden.

Expected obtain a range of more than 10 million impacts since it is a date that becomes more important every year in social networks, within a context marketing strategy.

The launching coincides with the promotional offensive that, for the first time at such early dates, has launched Tourism of the Canary Islands to adjust to the period in which the key markets are deciding their trips and intend to purchase both for offers Late winter, as for anticipated sales of summer reservations.


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