September 23, 2020

Canary Islands Day: Why does the Canary Islands flag appear on WhatsApp? – The province

Known to many … and by now unknown to few. Since the end of 2015,WhatsAppincorporates among its multiple emojis -emoticons- thetricolor flag, being this the only one of a regional nature that is offered between the different autonomous regions of Spain.Neither the Basque ikurriña, nor the Catalan and Valencian senyera or the Andalusian arbonaida are in the popular mobile application.

It is not the only case.Other international flags are among the emojis. This is the case of Gibraltar, Greenland, the Falkland Islands, the Pitcairn Islands, the Caymans, New Caledonia, French Polynesia or Aruba, are some examples, but unlike the Canary Islands, all of these are dependent territories of countries that are thousands of kilometers from them, but the Canary Islands, despite its remoteness, is not an overseas territory but an Autonomous Community.

¿And then why is the appearance of the Canarian flag on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?? The question of who decided to include the tricolor remains unanswered by the Unicode Consortium – its members include representatives from Adobe Systems, Apple, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle Corporation and Yahoo! and they execute a character encoding standard designed to facilitate computer processing, transmission and display of multiple texts.

However, some pages have given an answer, as is the case of the page Flow Canarias in which they put theISO 3166-1 standard, which is used to define countries or territories with customs independence in two letters. This was what Unicode’s were based on when introducing the flags in the different social networks.

The “IC” code represents the Canary Islands, reserved at the request of the World Customs Organization, the Canary Islands being a region not covered by the provisions of the European Customs Union. Therefore, “IC” is the code obtained from the native Spanish name, Canary Islands. The rest of the autonomies only have the common and shared ISO characteristic of the Spanish State “, they affirm.


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