Canary Islands Day dawns in Madrid with Active Tourism

The Government of the Canary Islands and the Active Canary Islands Business Association launch the first cooperative digital marketing platform for Active Tourism companies in the Canary Islands

CANARY ISLANDS7 The Gran Canarian palms

The first cooperative digital marketing platform is launched in the Canary Islands. It has been carried out by the Government of the Canary Islands, through the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, and the Active Tourism Business Association of the Canary Islands,
Activate Canary Islands. It integrates mostly SMEs and freelancers from the tourism subsector on the islands, most of which do not have the capacity to create their own digital stores.

All this came to light on the popular screens of Callao, in Madrid, which have witnessed the staging of the campaign at national and international level of the Plan for the Reactivation of Active Tourism in the Canary Islands. This campaign integrates several actions. The central one is the projection of an excerpt from the Plan spot on the Callao screens in the center of Madrid. We are talking about the most visited square in Spain with around 150 million people a year, and the third busiest in Europe.

This will be complemented by an international campaign on social networks in English, French, German and Italian, four of the most important source markets for tourists to the Canary Islands, according to data from Promotur. The forecast is to have a reach of more than 100,000 people, who will have the opportunity to get to know the platform and be able to book at origin.

The Business Association celebrates the publication of a report that highlights Active Tourism in the islands in the National Geographic Travel magazine. The popular magazine travels from island to island, discovering activities present in the Marketplace, combined with historical enclaves on each island, in order to complete a first-rate experience. National Geographic Travel magazine is the most widely read in the specialized segment with around 1.2 million readers worldwide.

The president of Activa Canarias, José Luis Echevarría, explained that “the objective of these actions is to go and look for tourists in their places of origin, whether in the Iberian Peninsula or on the European continent. To do this, we have created a digital cooperative marketing platform where we give tourists the opportunity to buy their experiences before arriving on the islands. Now many of these activities are discounted for free in the #discovercanarias store, and with discount codes of up to 100 euros in the rest of the stores».

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