Canary Islands Covid Certificate keys

Digital identity.

To obtain the access credentials to the myHistory application, for example, you can go to the health center that corresponds to each user, where the administrative staff will be in charge of explaining how to activate what is called digital identity. The data is notified instantly on the mobile phone. «The other way to obtain it is through the web ––, but for that it is essential to have a digital certificate. We have thought about the different technological levels that citizens have and that is why we have made these two ways available to them “, explains Santana. This identity will be valid for all digital services of the health administration.

Change of password.

Based on the professional’s words, the password provided is for one-time use and must be changed. «We send an SMS to confirm that the phone is the one that appears in our database and the one that the person has at hand, but for security reasons, the password is temporary. The SMS contains a web address and must be changed through this, “he details. It should be noted that it is only possible to associate one phone number for each user and, in no case, can there be two people registered with it. “The second would override the first,” he adds.


According to Felipe Santana, this project offers more and more services and, right now, allows access to administrative data, clinical reports – sick leave reports and radiological reports or emergency services, among others -, clinical history, analytical history or diagnostics. In addition, the next appointments can be consulted in both Primary and Hospital Care, the information of all the drugs that the patient is taking and their dosage, the therapeutic plan that must be delivered to the pharmacies so that they dispense a medicine, the vaccination history –Including those of the coronavirus–, non-clinical reports –such as the register of manifestation of wills– and obtain covid certificates. “This application does not allow to request appointments, since for that we have another one called myPrevious Appointment”, says the coordinator.

Types of covid certificates.

There are three types: one that certifies having passed the disease in the last 180 days; another that guarantees to have scored a negative result in the condition in a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test in the last 72 hours, or in the last 48, if it is an antigen test; and another that shows that one or two doses of the coronavirus vaccine have already been received. «We participate in the pilot project of the Covid Certificate. The fact of having this document facilitates the procedures in the countries or autonomous communities to which you travel, but you have to take into account the regulations of each territory, ”reports María Jesús Millán. In this sense, it must be said that the SCS allows two different digital resources to be obtained. One of them is a QR code, which contains all the clinical information and which can be recognized by the readers installed at airports. The other, on the other hand, is a PDF that can also be displayed in the control areas of these spaces. As guaranteed by the Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands, the certificate will also be accepted by establishments in the region in which it is required to have completed the vaccination schedule to access them. «All the vaccination certificates that we issue correspond to immunized people on the Islands, but at the beginning of August, thanks to work we have done with the Ministry and with the rest of the autonomous communities, patients who have received the vaccine in any other instead of Spain they will also be able to obtain their certificates, as long as we have them registered on our health cards, ”Santana warns.

Obtaining the document.

In addition to the myHistory app, there are other alternatives to obtain the Covid Certificate. “We have opted for a specific application called miCertificadoCOVID, which does not require digital identity, in addition to creating the website It is only necessary to enter the DNI and the telephone number and, if that information matches the one we have in our population database, we will send an SMS with a code, ”notes the coordinator. However, through these two routes it is only possible to obtain the certificates that certify negative results in tests and the details of the vaccination regimen. “The one that proves to have passed the virus cannot be obtained because it contains clinical data,” says Millán.

Operating systems

Currently, myCOVID Certificate is only available for IOS and is awaiting the Android go-ahead. The rest of the applications can be downloaded from any device, regardless of the operating system.


According to the data handled by the SCS, until last Thursday, 37,170 covid certificates of negative diagnostic tests had been downloaded; 3,946 corresponding to having passed the disease; and 732,781 that demonstrate having completed the vaccination schedule. Regarding applications, the figures reveal that the one with the most downloads is miCitaprevia, with 534,000; myHistoria follows, with 260,300; and myCertificateCOVID, with 18,700. A total of 167,172 people in the Archipelago already have a digital identity.

Advantages of the applications.

According to Felipe Santana, one of the great advantages of making use of the SCS website and applications is that they manage to avoid crowds in health centers to carry out procedures. “Attendance at health centers has dropped thanks to these tools”, assesses the professional from the Primary Care Management.


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