June 14, 2021

Canary Islands concerned about suspicions of fraud in the application of discounts areos – La Provincia

Canary Islands concerned about suspicions of fraud in the application of discounts areos - La Provincia

The president of the Canary Islands,Fernando Clavijo,recognizes its "concern" about the suspicions that the application of 75% discount to residents on flights to the Peninsula is leading to unjustified price increasesand in the possibility of afraudulent application of the new air discountby the companies.

Clavijo says he does not have objective data on the evolution of fares on the Canary routes to the Peninsula and therefore has no "criteria" to assess whetheras complaints that are being made from the Balearic Islandsin this sense, they can also be made regarding prices in the Canary Islands, and insisted on claiming to the Ministry of Public Works that they make public the ones obtained through the Observatory of Connectivity and Prices, dependent on that department.

"We have asked Fomento to make public the data on the evolution of prices and to send them to the autonomous communities." The ministry is the only one that has the capacity to control and know if prices have risen since it entered. in force 75% discount to residents and I hope you inform us, "said the regional chief executive after participating Thursday in an informative breakfast in Madrid.

Clavijo advanced that theCanarian Executiveis trying from Promotur to make astudy of the evolution of prices on Canarian routes to the rest of the national territory, to have "a historical series to know if there has been an agreement between the companies to raise prices", but avoided subsidizing the complaints that have been undertaken in this sense of the Balearic Islands "because I do not like to pour information that I can not contrast in objective data" . "Concerned we are, it is true that there are very cheap tickets and others that are quite expensive, butwe do not have the objective criteria to be able to analyze the cause of that differenceand if it has to do with an improper application of the discount, "stressed the nationalist leader, insisting that" we have reiterated it to the ministry and I will do it again next week, and from there on if it does not respond we will see what other measures will we adopt? "

The Canarian president considered positive the measure of Development of cambient the automated system of purchases and reservations of ticketsso that travelers do not have to identify if they are residents until the last steps of the process, but considers that they do not know if the new mechanisms will have an effect or not on the evolution of prices. "We had already said that sometimes when you put the resident eyelash on, the program automatically uploads it to you, but we do not have an objective data to be able to contrast it and we have to be serious when making the assessments," said Clavijo.

"I think it is positive that we try to control through this measure, but we do not know and it will have an effect or not, more than that, the ministry has an observatory, the ability to evaluate all the tickets and make the means," said the nationalist leader. who qualified"incomprehensible" that Fomento "do not give us access to that informationto be able to exploit the data or, at least, that the exploitation of the data they make us to reach the autonomous community. "" We believe that there must be transparency, "said the president of the Canary Islands.


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