October 31, 2020

Canary Islands buy 180 houses to accommodate families in eviction situation – La Provincia

The public company Viviendas Sociales e Infraestructuras de Canarias, SAU (Visocan), has11.6 million euros to buy about 180 houses in all the islandsand create an empty housing stock to deal with cases of eviction of families in situations of social vulnerability.

This was reported this Friday onMinister of Public Works, Transportation and Housing of the Canary Islands Government, Sebastián Franquis, during the Extraordinary General Meeting and subsequent Board of Directors of the public company.

During the same theacquisition of a first batch of 27 empty homesthat will be used to provide a house on a provisional basis to those vulnerable families who are in a situation of eviction due to inability to meet the costs of mortgage or rent.

Franquis has announced that 11.6 million euros are currently available through the Canarian Housing Institute (ICV) to begin taking the first steps in creating an empty housing stock.

It is one of the objectives marked as “priority” by the Ministry within thePact for the Right to Access to Decent Housing in the Canary Islandswhich he has presented in Parliament and to various social agents in recent weeks.

“The creation of the empty housing stock that we include in the Covenant for Decent Housing, seeks to give a quick and effective response to families affected by evictions and offer temporary housing solutions to them and, at the same time, provide these people with monitoring of their situation through job placement and training programs, “he said.

This first purchase approved today responds to the call for a public tender by Visocan and to which only two large homeowners with four offers were presented.

After studying all the offers, and discarding one of them due to defects in its documentation, the acquisition of27 homes in three municipalities of the Archipelago, for which it has invested 2,281,795.52 euros of the 11.6 million.

Specifically, the homes are located in the municipalities of Icod de Los Vinos (15 houses),Puerto del Rosario (11) and San Cristóbal de La Laguna (1).

From now on, and after the public contest,Visocan will proceed to the acquisition of other homes directlyto get as close as possible to the 180 houses that you intend to buy.


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