November 30, 2020

Canary Islands, Balearic Islands and Valencia pending negotiation to exclude them from quarantine




Vertigo hours for the tourism sector in the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands and Valencia, the establishment of a mandatory fortune by all travelers arriving from Spain in the UK, threatens a sector that could receive the final thrust and give up this season . All this, with more positive epidemiological data than in the rest of the country and the fact that Canarias and Baleares have been excluded from the recommendation not to travel by the British authorities. The Spanish Foreign Minister tries to get London to exclude both, together with Valencia, from the requirement of quarantine. Mission: save the tourist season.

The Spanish tourism sector and especially the islands sector depends on the British, German and French markets. Recommendations such as those of the French Prime Minister not to travel to Catalonia or yesterday’s decision by the British government put these markets at serious risk. To calibrate its relevance, only a couple of data: 87.70 million international tourists who visited Spain last year, more than 18 million came from UK, 11.15 million France and 11.17 million Germany. Among their preferred destinations are the Balearic and Canary Islands with the addition of Valencia in the case of the British.

Since Canary Islands, its president Ángel Víctor Torres, has considered that the quarantine obligation does not make any sense since the archipelago has only 5.8 positives for every 100.00’0 inhabitants. The Canarian executive has already requested the creation of safe and direct air corridors from the Canary Islands to the United Kingdom, in line with what the Balearic Islands is already negotiating. In turn, it has called for tightening controls at airports. Torres has shown his desire that the “Intense” negotiations taking place this weekend pay off “as soon as possible” because it is “essential” for the Canary Islands, “a safe destination with one of the best parameters in Europe for visitors”.

Since Balearics, the sentiment is similar: the Minister of Health and Consumption Patricia Gómez has guaranteed that “the Government will continue working to avoid quarantining the British who return from the Balearic Islands” and has acknowledged that “the fact that the United Kingdom does not prohibit travel to the Islands is good news ». However, it has found that «Any news that may put traveling at risk, implies cancellations». What he has considered “bad news” for this community. A thread of this, Gomez has announced he will talk to the British ambassador to discuss the matter.

In Ibiza, the island’s director of Tourism for the Island Council Juan Miguel Costa recalled that the British market on this island is “number one” and that quarantine “makes it unfeasible” that tourists from the United Kingdom “are thinking of coming to visit us ». In this sense, he spoke of a “blow” for the sector.

For its part, from another eminently tourist community such as Valencia, its regional president Ximo Puig has asked the British authorities to exclude from his recommendation not to travel to Valencia and, above all, the Costa Blanca (Alicante). Puig has transferred to the British officials that the Valencian regions, particularly, Alicante have a lower incidence of Covid-19 than in the United Kingdom reason why it has pointed out that “the decision does not seem justified with the objective data existing at present”. Puig has not hidden his concern about the tourist season in the Valencian Community and, especially, in Alicante.


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