Canary Islands and Uruguay strengthen ties

Canary Islands and Uruguay strengthen ties

Uruguayan director Ariel Brito. / CARLOS DOSSENA

The Auditorium Theater of Agüimes hosts on August 25 the concert 'Encuentros del Atlántico', under the direction of Isabel Costes and Ariel Britos

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The Atlantic Youth Symphony Orchestra of the Canary Islands and the SODRE Youth Orchestra of Uruguay will offer
on August 25, at 8:30 p.m., at the Auditorium Theater of Agüimesa symphonic concert that will be directed by the teachers Isabel Costes and Ariel Britos.

Tickets for the aforementioned symphonic concert, programmed within the framework of the
'Atlantic Encounters' promoted by the Atlantic Symphony Orchestra Sponsored by the Canarian Institute for Cultural Development of the Government of the Canary Islands and the collaboration of the Agüimes Town Hall, they are now available on the online sales page: at a single price of 10 euros.

The symphony concert that will take place in the
Agüimes Auditorium Theater will highlight the twinning between two youth formations, the Uruguayan belonging to the Official Service of Diffusion, Representations and Shows (Sodre) dependent on the Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay, and the Canarian one made up of young talents from the islands directed by the teacher
Elizabeth Costes.


Both groups will perform at the event a repertoire that includes works by great composers from both sides of the Atlantic such as
Gerónimo Giménez, Astor Piazzolla, Carlos Gardel or Héctor Tossar, among others. The Uruguayan orchestra is on tour in Germany, France and Spain during the month of August.

Precisely, on August 25 the national day of Uruguay is celebrated, which gives this concert a solemn institutional character that also recalls the historical and cultural closeness between the Canary Islands and Uruguay, motivated by the
intense migratory flow that took place between the 18th and 19th centuriesin addition to the presence of Canarian emigrants in the process of founding their capital, Montevideo.

Both youth orchestras
They will previously develop, starting on August 20, a meeting in Agüimes that will allow them, in addition to jointly preparing the concert on August 25, to exchange work methodologies.

Born in 2011

The SODRE Youth Orchestra of Uruguay, formed in 2011, is a world leader in youth symphony orchestras. With more than 50 concerts performed in prestigious venues such as the Berliner Philharmonie, the New World Center in Miami, the National Auditorium in Madrid, the Kennedy Center in Washington DC or the Heredia Theater in Cuba, among others, this ensemble has become a benchmark in the academic field. , providing young Uruguayan musicians with high-level training.

by more than 100 young musicians Coming from different parts of the country and under the direction of the renowned teacher Ariel Britos, it is a flexible structure that assumes alternative repertoires, such as tango, candombe, salsa and even rock.

Your manager,
Ariel Britos, is the creator of the Children's and Youth Orchestra System of Uruguay and an active member of the programs of UNESCO, the Organization of American States and the CAF-Development Bank of Latin America, for the creation and development of a Latin American system of youth and children's orchestras and choirs. Internationally, he has directed in Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Brazil, Chile, the United States, France, Spain and Germany.

Elizabeth Costes. /

edgar monroy

Since 2006

The Atlantic Youth Symphony Orchestra is one of the four units of the Atlantic Orchestra (ODA), founded in 2006 by its current director, Isabel Costes. Precisely, the Atlantic Youth Symphony Orchestra is the result of the
action in the field of training.

The ODE has
agreement signed with the Superior Conservatory of Music of the Canary Islands through which students selected at the proposal of their teachers participate as instrumentalists in practices of the Atlantic Symphony Orchestra or as members of the OSJA, thus assuming a commitment with the projection of young values ​​in their last academic stage that, once this link is finished training, opt to be called and take part, as professional members, in the different projects that the ODA carries out.

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