Canary Islands adds 230 new cases of covid in four days

Canary Islands adds 230 new cases of covid in four days

Eight people with the virus have died in the last four days. In the hospitals of the islands there are 123 patients with the disease, a figure that the Ministry raises to 236

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The Canary Islands close August with 230 infections in people over 60 years of age, the lowest figure since the new covid surveillance strategy began in early April, the accumulated incidence in this age group hitting the ground and
ICU occupancy at a minimum, with only eight patientsaccording to the update of data on the coronavirus this Tuesday from the Ministry of Health of the Canary Government.

in the last four days
eight people have died from covid in the Canary Islandsfive in Tenerife, two in Gran Canaria and one in La Palma, aged between 69 and 97 years.

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August ends with 86 deaths reported in the archipelago due to the coronavirusfar from the 138 in July due to the onslaught of the seventh wave, but above the 49 in June, the 56 in May and the 72 in April.
Since the beginning of the so-called flu phase in the archipelago, 401 people have died with the virus.

What has dropped significantly in these last weeks of August is the healthcare pressure, although the data reported by the Canarian Ministry of Health does not coincide with that of the Ministry. According to the regional administration on the islands there are
123 people admitted for coronavirus, of which eight are in the ICU and 115 on the ward.

However, the report on the situation of the pandemic this Tuesday from the Ministry of Health
raises covid hospitalizations in the archipelago to 236, 15 of them in critical care units. The reason for the data gap is that since last August 12, the Canary Islands only counts as beds occupied by covid patients those of patients with pneumonia or acute respiratory infection or another pathology that is considered attributable to a SARS-CoV-2 infection.

improvement across the country

The situation of improvement of the pandemic is maintained in the country as a whole. Data from the Ministry of Health indicate that
the level of transmission of the virus in this latest wave continues to declinebut it has already fallen slowly in the last week, in a context in which hospital occupancy is normalized.

There are 3,421 patients with covid admitted to Spanish hospitals, a figure that translates into 2.9% occupancy, but it is the ICUs that record the best data, compared to the average of just over 4% with more than 400 critics at the lowest moments of previous waves. According to Efe, in the worst moments of the pandemic, global occupancy in ICUs has exceeded 20%,
with a threshold somewhat higher than 2,000 patients.

As for the number of infections detected by the regional health services since last Friday's Health report, 9,554 have been recorded throughout Spain, 5,459 of them in citizens aged 60 or over.

In the current epidemiological context
variants of omicron ba.4 and ba.5 continue to predominatewith no new sublineages of interest having been detected in Spain, according to the latest report from the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies (CCAES).

increase in autumn

The World Health Organization (WHO)
expects a rise in coronavirus cases in the fall and winter and, although he rules out a severe impact due to the high percentage of the vaccinated population, he highlights that the virus continues to circulate "widely" and that last week it caused 3,000 deaths in the European region, a third of the world total, adds Efe.

Hence, it emphasizes that important measures
cHow to offer a second booster dose to vulnerable groupsthe rapid administration of antivirals and others such as the ventilation of closed spaces or the use of masks indoors where it is not mandatory when there are crowds.

WHO projections suggest that in a few weeks the European region will reach 250 million cases of coronavirus.


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