Canary gas stations begin to receive notifications of advances that they trust to collect "in days"

Canary gas stations begin to receive notifications of advances that they trust to collect "in days"

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The service stations of the archipelago have advanced in the five days that the bonus has been in force between 6,000 and 10,000 euros, depending on the size. The national confederation holds an assembly this Wednesday and does not rule out taking legal action against the measure

Silvia Fernandez

The service stations of the Canary Islands have begun to receive notifications from the Ministry of Finance today in which it is communicated that "in a few days" they will receive the advances corresponding to the subsidy of 20 cents per liter approved by the Government.

The island gas stations are confident that the payments, that is, the money in the account, will begin to arrive between Wednesday and Thursday, taking into account the financial burden they are bearing.
Sources in the sector indicate that each gas station is supporting an average of between 6,000 and 10,000 euros in the five days that the subsidy has been in force., depending on the size of the service station. And that amount continues to grow day by day.

The Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, pointed out yesterday in statements to RNE that there are 3,500 service stations that have requested the advance and that it is expected that between today and tomorrow the money will reach 80%.

“If they enter us, it will be a relief these days when we are paying money that in many cases we do not have.. We must not forget that we have come from two years of covid in which sales have fallen sharply, "indicate sources in the sector, who assure that although "they are calmer" due to the speed of notifications, they still have many doubts about how they are doing. to go the next three months, in which the subsidy will be valid initially.

Fuel sales at Canarian gas stations are already normalized. As industry sources indicate, on Friday there was an increase in demand of more than 30% but, compared to the weekly level, sales were similar to the previous ones. «Consumers stopped filling gasoline the previous days to do it from Friday that the bonus began. That day, yes, there was a significant increase. In the week as a whole, sales were similar to other weeks," these sources indicate.

The stations warn that the advances correspond to 90% of average sales in 2021, which was also an atypical year with contained sales. “If we look at it with respect to today, in the end they are going to advance us 50% of current sales,” complain these sources, who wonder how the advances will be regularized with respect to actual sales. “It is another of the great doubts that we have, how this is going to be done,” they state.

Discontent in the sector was explicitly expressed yesterday by the Spanish Confederation of Service Station Employers (CEEES), which will hold a general assembly today to analyze the situation and decide on the most appropriate responses. According to a statement sent yesterday, the CEEES does not rule out taking legal action against the Government's measure for "poorly designed and worse executed."

The service stations, according to their statement, require the administration to detail in writing what the tax and accounting treatment of the reduction of 20 cents per liter will be.. «The wording of the norm is so deficient that it admits interpretations. Service stations want to do things right, but if they do not clarify this issue we could incur fraud, "they indicate.

They demand a valid interlocutor on the part of the Administration, since until now it has been "little operational". They also complain that many service stations continue to have problems requesting advances.
"It is urgent that the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge set up a 24/7 helpline in which these incidents are dealt with case by case and solutions are offered to SMEs in the sector," the statement said.

They also demand a practical guide that helps the stations to carry out the settlements to avoid errors that later lead to a refusal of the settlement. They criticize that RD-L 6/2022 itself stipulates that after a period of one month has elapsed, counted from the end of the term for the presentation of the refund request, if the refund had not been made, the request could be understood as rejected. "There is defenselessness for service stations," they point out.

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