July 14, 2020

Canary film library says goodbye to vampires with Count Drcula more seductive

Filmoteca Canaria culminates the film cycleThe vampire's reflectionwith the movieDrcula(1979), by John Badham, the most attractive and seductive count. The soundtrack is by John Williams, a composer known for works such asE.T, Harry PotterYStar wars, and he has received five Oscars and more than 50 nominations throughout his career. The film can be seen this afternoon, in theGuiniguada Theater, at 7 pm, in original and color version, with admission to two euros.

The story is about Drcula, a charming being, while dangerous and unscrupulous. The count befriends Dr. Seward and his surroundings, among those people is Mina, an acquaintance of the specialist, who dies mysteriously without a drop of blood on his body. After that, his father, Abraham Van Helsing, wants to avenge the death of his daughter.

This projection starring Frank Langella, Laurence Olivier and Kate Nelligan, manages to stand out from other filmographic versions for several reasons, among them, for being a theatrical adaptation on the work of Bram Stocker, made by Halmiton Deane and John L. Balderston. The projection reflects the deep romanticism between the protagonist and the woman of whom he feels a strong attraction, Lucy. The intention ofdirectorit was to involve the viewer in a love story, therefore, the vampire figure did not take the form of a repulsive creature, but of an "attractive, sexy, fascinating and, therefore, dangerous" Drcula.

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