December 3, 2020

Canary companies start betting on the use of drones to prevent occupational hazards – La Provincia

Canary companies have begun to opt forthe use of drones to prevent occupational hazards,since it begins to become a "very important" tool in the field of prevention. This was stated by the coordinator of the Mutual Asepeyo in the Canary Islands, Claudio García, during a day on the use of drones as innovation innovation that are developed in collaboration with the regional government and thePort Authorityof Las Palmas, being held at the headquarters of the latter.

García explained, in statements to Europa Press, that this conference is aimed at engineers, as well as technicians and, in particular,Occupational risk prevention technicians.

In this regard, he stressed that the use of drones "is a very important tool" that is having a very large disclosure "and not only an engineering application, but also in the field of prevention for two reasons:costs and risks are reduced. "

In this regard, he stressed that the drone allows access to certain places, which "do not need to move a worker and can perform inspections, assessments of structures, confined spaces." Therefore, he added, it is expected that in a few years"All prevention technicians have a droneto perform certain preventive activities ".

Currently, he explained that in the Canary Islands there are already construction companies, engineering companies that use the drone with different technical equipment to doinspections, valuations and even appraisals.

As for how risks are reduced, he said that "since you enter a drone risk zone and know that nobody has to enter,the risk is reduced by almost 100 percent,and not only the risk, but the cost, which is highly valued not only by the technician himself but by the company itself. "

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