June 15, 2021

Canaries who have requested a date for the covid vaccine can check the date on the medical appointment website

‘My Pre-Appointment’ is the regular website of the Canary Islands Health Service where users from the Islands request their medical and nursing appointments at their health center.

The SCS has now incorporated the appointment for the covid 19 vaccine into the services menu of that website. If you click on that space, the user receives the information of the day, date and place where the vaccine will be administered. Users are already consulting this information that has not yet reached them by SMS, one of the means of communication together with that of the telephone call so far common in communicating the date for vaccination.

The website ‘My Pre-Appointment’ of the Canary Health Service already offers information on the appointment for the vaccine against covid-19. LP / DLP

Likewise, and in the event that the user is in the age group that is followed at the time of the vaccination plan, the appointment can also be requested. At least this is what some citizens are reporting, although at the same time the date is being confirmed to receive the vaccine for citizens of younger ages.

The Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands enabled since last Monday, May 24, a web form (www.canariassevacuna.com) in which any Canarian resident, regardless of their age and the island on which they reside, You can request an appointment to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

In this tool the user fills in a simple form by filling in the fields of full name, DNI or NIE and contact mobile phone. This information will be compared with the database of health cards and the patient will receive an SMS, within 24 to 48 hours, with the prior appointment to be vaccinated at one of the vaccination points enabled throughout the Canary Islands.

Health has reported this Thursday that more than 255,000 canaries over 16 and under 50 have been enrolled since last Monday in the website enabled by the Government of the Canary Islands – www.canariassevacuna.com– to make an appointment and get vaccinated, as reported by the Ministry of Health in a press release.


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