Canaries suffer more pain – The Province

Canaries suffer more pain - The Province

The Pain Barometer, a study promoted by the anti-inflammatory solution Voltadol, places 96% of the population of the Canary Islands that has suffered some type of discomfort in the usual way during the last twelve months, three points above the Spanish average of 93%.

The data reveal that Spain is the fourth country of the 24 participants in the study with the highest incidence of body pain (71%) compared to the head (29%), only surpassed by Portugal, Canada and Australia, according to the press release sent from the pharmaceutical company GSK on the eve of the commemoration of the World Day Against Pain this Wednesday, October 17

"The data from the barometer show that pain is much more present in our daily lives than we think and the initial step is to know all the facets of pain and how the population faces it, only in this way we can make scientific innovation contributes to treating and alleviating people who suffer pain on a regular basis, "says Helen Tomlinson, general director of GSK Consumer Healthcare Iberia.

When it comes to relieving pain, a 24% of Spaniards declare not to do anything and simply wait for the referral, while 47% of Spaniards apply a topical gel treatment to relieve muscle pain, detailed the same sources before noting that the high tendency to the absence of treatment can lead to a delay in the recovery process, leading to a greater discomfort that could have been avoided.

Less vital quality and labor productivity

While it is true that each person coexists with pain in a different way, there is a generalized feeling about the consequences that it has on daily life, in fact, the 86% of the Canaries consider that it affects their general well-being and 60% confess that pain decreases their quality of life.

"In the physiotherapy consultationswe have two clearly defined profiles: those individuals with a sedentary lifestyle, who have poor postural habits and carry weights in an inadequate manner and those who are more active, but who perform poorly executed physical activities, without a defined training plan or associated warm-ups or stretches. In both cases, the population suffers from musculoskeletal pain that must be solved as soon as possible so that the lesions do not increase and / or do not recur, "says professional Cristina García García.

In addition, the Pain Barometer reflects that discomfort directly impacts the professional life of people who suffer from it and 84% of Canaries confess that it causes them to be less motivated at work, one point below the Spanish average (85%), they added GSK before considering that it influences the lowest productivity, of 74% compared to the state average of 81%.

According to the study, each Spaniard missed an average of 7 days in 2017 due to pain, which meant a loss of 11,129 million euros to the national economy, continued the same sources, who observed a number of paid days and no Worked due to greater discomfort among men (8.8 days on average) than among women (5 days).

Consultations to doctors and pharmacists

According to the Barometer of Pain, most Spaniards go to the doctor or the pharmacist with the aim of finding help to alleviate the malaise, a trend that remains in the Canary Islands with 85% and 66%, respectively.

Another of the main conclusions of the study indicates that Spain is the country with the lowest rate of difficulty in accessing medication (10% versus 16% overall) among the participating countries, they detailed from the British company before concluding that, despite the fact that 84% of Canaries believe that there is access to medication in the state territory, 16%.


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