Canaries can now enjoy the funds with which to save up to 55% on solar panels

There has never been a time as good as this to jump on the train of renewable energy thanks to the recovery plan that the European Union has launched. Next Generation EU is endowed with more than € 800 billion and will help repair the damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic. This will be a strong push for the self-consumption in the form of aid for solar panel installations, with a grant of up to 55%.

With the helps Next Generation EU The aim is to mitigate the economic and social impact of the pandemic and make European economies more sustainable and better prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the ecological and digital transition. Everything for post-COVID-19 Europe to be more ecological, respectful with the environment and better adapted to the challenges of the future. A maximum of 900 million euros is planned for the installation of solar panels thanks to these funds, which will be administered by each autonomous community.

What are the aids Next Generation EU?

When applying for the grant, Holaluz takes care of all the procedures. You hire your electricity service and they take care that, without putting a euro, you can have a photovoltaic solar installation and enjoy a monthly savings fee, to which the additional discount of the aid will now also be added. The amount of these will go directly to your pocket, without this affecting the value of the contracted installation.

The subsidy percentage varies depending on the characteristics of the facility and the area, but can cover up to 55%, that is to say, up to more than half the cost of the solar installation. In addition, these European grants are compatible with the IBI and ICIO discounts established by each municipality.

To obtain the subsidy, you only need your authorization to be able to carry out the paperwork for you and, once processed according to the legislation of each autonomous community, the assigned amount will be paid in full to your bank account.

And is that the social and political context is more favorable than ever to make solar self-consumption take off once and for all in Spain. Now, with the arrival of these grants, Hello, Luz makes it easy for you and offers a more flexible service than ever so you can join The Rooftop Revolution and transform as many rooftops as possible into clean energy for 40 million people.

Join the Rooftop Revolution

These spaces, mostly underused despite receiving sunlight daily for hours, can thus enjoy a new life and become sources of 100% green and inexhaustible energy. Holaluz takes care of the installation of the solar panels, which does not require an initial outlay, manages your energy production and, in exchange, offers you a fixed monthly discount on the invoice of light, between 10% and 20% thanks to the intensive use of technology and data. With personalized attention, total flexibility and always seeking the greatest positive impact on the planet, It finances the panels in up to 15 years and makes your life easier with a single invoice that includes the financing fee for the solar panels, which is paid thanks to the monthly savings, and the electricity consumption of each month.

You can check the electricity rate comparator and find out what it would be your personalized quota Wherever you live Whether you live in a community of neighbors or in a private house, the installation of solar panels is very simple.

This green energy company also pursues the energy efficiency, then surplus energy is purchased from some customers to supply others, thus connecting people who produce renewable energy taking advantage of their rooftops with those who still cannot. In this way, the more square meters of roof that are added to the Revolution, the more green energy is produced and the more CO2 the planet is saved.

What do you need to know to save money at home with solar panels thanks to subsidies?

Why install solar panels at home?

In order to multiply the generation of renewable energy. By transforming the roofs of homes and companies, it is possible to go from 39% of current renewable electricity production to 81% in Spain. By promoting solar energy we will be closer and closer to a world that works 100% with green energy. In addition, saving in energy transport avoids losses and makes the whole process more efficient, allowing this saving to be transferred to the users' electricity bill.

Who can install solar panels on your roof?

Everyone can do it. Whether you are an individual, self-employed, communities of owners or SMEs.

If you have a roof and accounts with savings to make an initial investment or not, they take care of everything: from the preliminary study and management of surplus energy, to the assembly of the solar panels and the review of the installation, between other things. The energy that you produce will only be enjoyed in your supply and the one that you do not use will be deducted from your bill. Thanks to the service Holaluz Cloud, they buy the surplus energy from you at 7 cents. € / kWh and make that energy available to everyone.

Rooftops taking advantage of the Canarian sunlight

If you prefer not to put a euro out of your pocket, the company takes care of the solar installation without you having to make an initial outlay and you will also obtain a fixed saving on the electricity bill from the first day.

Is there a deadline to apply for the grants?

From July 1, 2021, a solar installation can choose to obtain a subsidy. For now, there is no final date to request it, but there is an amount established for each autonomous community, which will assign the aid in order of arrival until that amount is exhausted.


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