March 2, 2021

Canaries, among those who search the internet the most to diagnose themselves

53 percent of Spaniards admit to using Internet search engines or social networks to self-diagnose, with canaries being among those who do it the most, according to the III Aegon Health and Lifestyle Study, which indicates that the main source to which they Search engines are used (47%), although social networks such as YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, among others, are useful for health-related consultations and diagnoses (6%).

However, only 22% of those surveyed give credibility to the information obtained in search engines and social networks, and those seeking information have been reduced by the same number compared to last year. 22.63% fewer people who search for symptoms on the Internet or in networks and give it credibility, and 20.65% less of those who do not give it credibility.


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