Canarias will sign the new Road Agreement, but will go to the Supreme

Canarias will sign the new Road Agreement, but will go to the Supreme

The Canary Islands government will sign tomorrow the new Road Agreement with the State for 1,200 million euros spread over eight years, but also ask the Supreme Court to execute the judgments on the cuts of the previous, which recognize in their favor a debt of 945 million.

The Council of Ministers today approved in Barcelona the new Road Agreement with the islands for the period 2018-2025 for an amount of 1.2 billion.

In addition, an addendum to the previous one valued at 101 million and the payment of 500 million for the rights recognized by the Supreme Court, although only adhering to the amounts that it considers that the Canarian Government has justified that it faced with its own funds; what supposes a total disbursement of 1.801 million euros.

The Government of Fernando Clavijo (CC) defends that the Supreme Court's rulings on the unilateral cuts made by the executives of Mariano Rajoy to the investments that the State had committed to do in the islands entitle it to collect all the agreed in its day, it will be executed or not, so it claims 2.145 million; that is, 344 million more.

In a statement, the Canarian Government confirms that tomorrow will go to Madrid to sign the new agreement with the Minister of Development, José Luis Ábalos, but also states that it will not be its president, but its vice president and public works counselor, Pablo Rodríguez.

"We are going to request that justice be done with the Canary Islands and the judgments of the Supreme Court be executed that have estimated the appeals filed by the Canarian Government against the breach of the Ministry of Public Works, which declare the State's obligation to transfer to the community. autonomous the amounts committed in the road agreement between 2012 and 2017, increased with the corresponding legal interests, a total of 945,549,761.71 euros "", details Pablo Rodríguez.

The vice president of the Canarian Government says that he will sign the new agreement with Ábalos tomorrow because "it is necessary to execute works that are strategic for the islands", but he also points out that they are not going to "give in to the State" nor do they intend to remain "idle" the breach of the agreement in the last meetings by the Ministry of Public Works ".

"We will demand that the appropriations that correspond to us be transferred as soon as possible because of the breach of the previous agreement," he reiterates.

Rodriguez explains that, until this week, they had agreed with the Government of Pedro Sanchez to sign three documents: an agreement of 1,200 million for eight years, the extension of the previous one until 2021 to complete works that are already underway and a pact extrajudicial to execute the sentences of the Supreme Court.

"However, days before the signing of the agreement, the Ministry of Development again fails to comply with the Canary Islands, leaving in the air the extrajudicial agreement that we had agreed", reproaches.

The Government of the Canary Islands emphasizes that it needs all these resources to face the construction of communication infrastructures that it believes are "strategic" and "unplayable".

"The Canary Islands had these three instruments to reactivate investment, solve the infrastructure deficit, balance the market and generate jobs in a sector that was punished during the years of cuts," adds his vice president.

The secretary general of the PSOE of the Canary Islands, Angel Víctor Torres, has already announced today that his Executive will support the Government of Fernando Clavijo in his demand on this matter so that the islands get all the funds "that the PP withdrew to the Canaries".


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