Canarias wants each educational center to build its Equality plan - La Provincia

Canarias wants each educational center to build its Equality plan - La Provincia

The Ministry of Education of the Canary Islands Government finalize a resolution that helps to help the educational centers of the Archipelago to establish their own Equality plan. The strategy aims to eliminate the stereotypes associated with sexual identity and prevent the exercise of gender violence in the classrooms of the Islands. This was stated yesterday by the director of the Canarian Agency for Evaluation and the Educational Innovation Service of the Ministry of Education of the Canarian Executive, Teresa Acosta. "We are finished preparing the necessary indications so that each center has a plan adapted to their needs," the director added.

The measure is defined as a "living plan", which in turn is framed within the Plan for Equality Y Prevention of Gender Violence 2017-2020, launched by the body. Also, Acosta said that the Ministry intends that the initiative can begin to operate from next January, "so we have to have finished preparing the necessary information before the end of this year."

As he explained, the elaboration of these equality plans should start from a "very complex" diagnostic process, which will be the responsibility of a commission. In addition, it will allow schools and institutes that already have an Equality Plan to update their contents, or expand the different lines of action.


"The working group should be composed of a minimum of three people, and should assess what is the reality that occurs in each school, in terms of equality and coeducation," said the director of the Educational Innovation Service. Following this line, the commission may be constituted by a member of the management team, a counselor of the center, and even, "by students of the equality committee, if there is one". The purpose is that the measures are not established for a single academic year, "but that each public center, depending on their possibilities and their autonomy, will define and refine it over three school years," specified Acosta.

The design of this resolution has also had the outstanding participation of the so-called Equal Area Agents. Based on Acosta's explanations, it is about "pioneer" figures at the national level, which was incorporated into the education system in 2017. "The Equality Zone Agents are 50 teachers who are scattered throughout the archipelago, and around the 14 Teacher Training Centers of the Islands ", specified the director.

Each of these agents are assigned about five reference centers, and every Wednesday, "are released from five hours to work on the development of actions in schools of the Canary Network of Schools for Equality," said Acosta. He added that, "in addition, they will help schools resolve their doubts at the moment they proceed to define their plans."

The Equality Plan of an educational center is a document that includes a series of actions and measures that aim to implement coeducation. A concept that starts from the principle of equality between both sexes. As defined by the Ministry "is a realistic and operational document, which must contemplate the public commitment of the educational community, accessible to all, with objectives related to those established in the Gender Equality and Prevention Plan."


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