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Canarias tries to consolidate British tourism in the Word Travel Market – La Provincia

Canarias tries to consolidate British tourism in the Word Travel Market - La Provincia

The Canary Islands attend the meeting of theWorld Travel Market of London, which takes place between November 5 and 7, "with the confidence of ending the year with almost 5 million British tourists who will have spent their holidays in the Islands," said the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sports,Isaac Castellano.

Castellano presented on Wednesday the pavilion that will represent the Archipelago in one of thetourist fairsmost important in the world, which will have an area of ​​776.25 square meters and represents the ocean, vegetation and volcanic origin of the Islands.

The Minister of Tourism noted that "from January to August British tourism in the Canary Islands has fallen by 7% with a total of 229,000 fewer travelers due, on the one hand, to the recovery of competing destinations such as Egypt, Turkey or Tunisia and, another, to thebankruptcyof the Monarch airline, whose capacity has not yet been compensated by the other companies. However, the British who have arrived in the Islands have spent 6.4% more so far this year. With these data we can say that we will end 2018 slightly below the 5 million British tourists, which is the second best year in history, "the counselor concluded.

Isaac Castilian said, according to the statement sent from his department, that "the British are the first market of origin to the archipelago, so it is a tourist very loyal to the Islands, representing 33% of the global tourist. and in addition, they generate a lot of business, with a turnover of 5,500 million euros in 2017, 31% of the volume ofdealglobal".

A new stand `visual`

The Canary Islands go to the 39th edition of the World Travel Market with a new pavilion of nearly 800 square meters and a 'visual' design in which technology and projection elements take precedence. The pavilion offers, in addition to a spectacular image that seeks to communicate the values ​​of theofferCanarian tourism, a business platform for the sector that encourages multiple professional encounters, "its main objective", according to María Méndez, manager of Promotur Turismo de Canarias, entity responsible for organizing the Canarian participation in the fair. For Méndez, in addition to image objectives, WTM, the most important professional fair in the world offers the opportunity to develop professional meetings of great value "and the stand of the Canary Islands stands out for its great professional activity".

María Méndez wanted to highlight one of the most innovative elements of the stand built by Turismo de Canarias this year, the integration of new audiovisual projection systems, capable of "creating a surprising effect on the viewer". The concept of the best climate in the world, as an essential attribute ofpositioningof the Canary Islands brand, and the uniqueness of the seven island destinations are the communication axis of a stand that incorporates a large deployment of cutting-edge technological elements, in line with the digital orientation of the Canary Islands brand, which will allow the launch in value of content, especially audiovisual, in line with its brand content strategy.

In the constructive aspect, the approachinnovativeand avant-garde is combined with elements that provide warmth, where the use of organic materials or chromatic lighting games help to convey this concept of good weather. Thus, it has luminous effects in movement, which are even projected on the floating cover in the form of a wave. These effects evoke the colors of the ocean, the exuberant vegetation, the volcanic stone or the golden sand of the beaches. All this is complemented by large-format graphic supports and a series of audiovisual pieces that will be broadcast, in a synchronized manner, on a giant screen and on the numerous screens that delimit the pavilion's surface, enhancing a sense of unity of the entire space.

Funded by 85% by the Regional Development Fund of the European Union (FEDER), the stand is a showcase from which to show the tourist offer of island destinations. Thus, it integrates information spaces of each island managed by the insular entities of promotion with the participation of businessmen and municipalities. In addition, there are a large number of areas for professional meetings as well as two spaces for the tasting of local products, in a commitment to gastronomy as a brand identity value.


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