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Canarias, the place best valued by tourists in Spain - The Province

Canarias, the place best valued by tourists in Spain - The Province

TripAdvisor, the largest travel website in the world, announced on Wednesday its annual study on the average valuations obtained by Spanish establishments in 2018. The study shows an excellent image of the health of the tourism sector in Spain, indicating the regions most valued, as well as the scores obtained by Spanish hotels, restaurants and places of interest in each of the autonomous communities and provinces.

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The general assessment of Spain As a tourist destination in 2018 it continues to be excellent. As in 2017, our country has obtained an average of 4.14 out of 5, according to the scores awarded by travelers on TripAdvisor, having increased over the last few years, from 4.12 out of 5 in 2012.

At the regional level, Canary Islands Y The Rioja -which has climbed three places compared to the previous year- are the best rated in Spain, with the highest score in the country in 2018 (4.26). They follow him Andalusia (4.24), Asturias (4.23), Estremadura and Balearic Islands (4.21).

The places of tourist interest, the best rated in Canary Islands

Specific, Canary Islands (4.26) stands out for staying above the 4 out of 5 since 2012, standing above the national average and in the first position of the best rated regions of Spain in 2018, a title that shares with The Rioja. In general, all the islands have an excellent rating, being Lanzarote, Tenerife, Fuerteventura Y Gran Canaria those with the highest average scores obtained in 2018.

The Canary Islands stand out particularly for its places of interest (4.42), especially the Island of Graciosa (4.65), The iron (4.64) and Fuerteventura (4.48), surpassing the Spanish average of 4.38.

As for the average score obtained by their accommodations, it has increased its rating, going from 4.07 in 2017 to 4.11. Gran Canaria (4.18) is in the first position, followed by Lanzarote (4,17) and The Palm (4.10), all of them above the national average.

Regarding their restaurants, Lanzarote leads the ranking with a rating of 4.32. It follows Tenerife (4.26) and Fuerteventura (4.22). All of them exceed the national average of 4.03. In addition, the region has gone from 4.21 received in 2017 to 4.24.

"The scores obtained by Spain in 2018 show that our country is a very desired destination for travelers, both foreign and local, Spanish cuisine, the quality of our accommodations and the extensive list of tourist attractions offered by our are the main attractions for travelers around the world, "says Blanca Zayas, Communication Manager at TripAdvisor in Spain.


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