April 16, 2021

Canarias struggles to federate unaccompanied foreign minors – La Provincia

Canarias struggles to federate unaccompanied foreign minors - La Provincia

The Government of the Canary Islands asked this week formally to the Spanish Football Federation a more inclusive policy with unaccompanied foreign minors (MENA), that until now can not be federated – and, therefore, play official matches – even though the administration has the guardianship of these guys. The Deputy Minister of Social Policies and Housing, Francis Candil, led this petition with the ex-electioneer and member of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of the National Football Federation Vicente del Bosque, and the juvenile judge of Las Palmas and president of the inclusion association of minors "# UP2U Project", Reyes Martel.

At the event, held in Madrid, the pr

president of the National Social Responsibility Committee of the National Football Federation, José Miguel Monje, and representatives of the Foundation of the Sports Union Las Palmas, entity that, together # UP2U Proyect, promoted this initiative and is actively working on the inclusion through sport of foreign minors and minors with judicial measures.

Hard rules to avoid transfers

In 2012 the FIFA toughened the requirements to process the card to foreign minors. It is a regulation designed to prevent cases such as those that came to light and that have brought sanctions to clubs like the one Real Madrid and the Atlético de Madrid, and that have already been applied some time ago to the FC Barcelona. The problem is that these rules also affect teenagers who only want to play at an amateur level and who have come to Spain in totally different circumstances to those who come to do sports career.

Currently, lThe young foreigners who are between 10 and 18 years old are the ones who find it most difficult to play football when they want to do it for the first time. The list of requirements demanded by FIFA is broad: a work contract of the father or mother or documentation proving that they are registered with the INEM; a payroll; a photocopy of the passport of the father, the mother and the player; the registration certificate of the three; a photocopy of the work permit in force of the father and mother; a letter from the player explaining the circumstances for which he wants to play; another letter from the team where you are going to do it; a document signed before a notary in which they declare that they did not play in any other country; the player's birth certificate; and, finally, a statement from the club in which they affirm that they want to sign him.

"If it is already difficult for foreign minors residing with their parents in the Canary Islands, for those whose parents are not in Spain, current regulations stop the processing of their license in order to play federated football. Those who are in shelters are not worth the signature of their guardians. FIFA prevents it, "laments Candil.

"In the Canary Islands, these cases are more frequent than in other Spanish regions, because the number of MENA reaching our land is considerable, and season after season arise similar situations, when they get all rights, except to play football" , Add.

In this context, the vice-councilor explained that the Administration takes care of the minors, with which "it is not understood" that this restriction exists, which only affects, in addition, this sport for the business it generates.

"We are responsible for these children, we are their guardians, and in these cases we can answer for them just like their parents." We have to put an end to this exclusion, because sport is fundamental to work on the integration of these children and because it is an act of justice ", defended the regional responsible in the meeting.

Vicente del Bosque, member of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of the Spanish Football Federation, coincided with this claim and highlighted the progress made at the meeting to change this reality and the work that Judge Reyes Martel is doing with the minors.

"We do not want to go against FIFA, what we want is to improve. Football is an ideal tool for young people to integrate and be included in society, what a misfortune they have when they arrive in a country that is not theirs without being able to count on the help of their family. "

Martel He stressed the importance of the meeting in the sense that "# UP2U Project" joins the objective that the inclusion of young people be effective to none other than the Spanish Football Federation and its Corporate Social Responsibility Committee ".

"Today # UP2U has taken an important step in its goal of social inclusion of children who are at risk," he said. "The important step that we have taken at a national level from # UP2U with the help of the Ministry of Employment, Social Policies and Housing of the Government of the Canary Islands is so that we can combine all our efforts and make a joint proposal with sports institutions complement so that these guys can have fun complementing their integral training"

For this, "we are celebrating that we have agreed on our road map in this direction to complement this FIFA regulation and that in the immediate future this will be extended not only to the minors who come to the Canary Islands but also to minors from all over the national territory. They are our future and today we celebrate going all in the same direction in this area and we hope to obtain results soon, "he concluded.


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