Canarias shuffles that a Covid certificate is required for bars, leisure and gyms

Canary Islands deck that is required covid certificate to access gyms, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and entertainment venues. This was stated yesterday by the President of the Canary Islands Government, Angel Victor Torres, which reported that the regional Ministry of Health defines, together with the economic sector, in which interiors the COVID certificate will be requested, a document that is also already requested, he said, to everyone who enters the Canary Islands.

As agreed in its last session by the Governing Council of the Canary Islands, the department that directs Blas Trujillo defines these days, together with the affected businessmen, in which establishments in the Islands access will be limited to those who do not prove to be vaccinated against Covid-19, an agreement that will then be submitted to the pertinent judicial authorization.

“At the end of the summer, when the infections were very low, we approved a Health Decree Law in order to have a legal tool that would allow us to establish restrictions when things did not go well, which is what we are doing now”, which shows that “this health law was necessary in the Canary Islands,” said Torres.

The president specified that with the request for the covid certificate to access certain interiors, the Canarian Government intends to “give security to people who are in restaurants, discos, bars, entertainment venues, gyms or any other closed space, and promote vaccination of those who want access »to them.

“We believe, with certainty, that the vaccine is essential to be able to control the pandemic. If today we did not have 90 percent of the target population vaccinated, we would have thousands of positives and we would be, surely, confined, as is Austria, “he said.

The Canarian president assured that, as was done with any person who came from any country other than Spain, nationals who arrived in the archipelago are also already being subjected to a mandatory covid control, for which they must show the corresponding certificate, a measure that seeks to “give more security to the transit of people.”

4 %. Positivity

The last positivity figure was 4.77%. The data is obtained from the Percentage of positive samples in diagnostic tests for active infection (PCR and antigen test).

57%. Traceability

The last traceability figure registered by the Ministry of Health was 57%. Traceability is the percentage of cases assigned to an outbreak through a specific follow-up.

Canarias shuffles that a Covid certificate is required for bars, leisure and gyms. Read more

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