Canarias shuffles closing nightlife and asking for a curfew

The Government of the Canary Islands studies close nightlife and request judicial authorization to implement a curfew faced with the exponential increase in COVID-19 casesSince only between Tuesday and Wednesday 2,669 new infections were reported in the Islands, the highest daily number recorded since the pandemic began.

Do you agree that the use of the mask is once again mandatory outdoors?

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In an interview with 'COPE Canarias', collected by Europa Press, the director of the Canary Islands Health Service (SCS), Conrado Dominguez, has also hinted that in the government council which is being held today, it is possible that it is decided to raise the island of Tenerife to level 4 of health alert, taking into account that every day it is accumulating the highest percentage of infections in the Islands.

Tenerife has a Accumulated Incidence at 14 days that reaches 1,104.56 positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants and an ICU occupation by patients with the virus around 16%, a situation that worries within the Government.

"With the numbers in hand, we are on our way to having to decree level 4", he warned Conrado Dominguez. "Today we will have a meeting when all the data are consolidated and a proposal will be made to the Governing Council to review, in any case, the most restrictive measures, but with these data we are quite close," he said.

The director of the SCS has advanced the possibility of requesting the Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands (TSJC) the curfew to "limit some movements in certain hours to try to cut that part of socialization that is not done in a responsible way"; a measure that was put on the table at the Conference of Presidents held yesterday.

With respect to nightlife, Conrado Domínguez has indicated that it is one of the sectors where more outbreaks of COVID-19 are being detected. At the moment there are more than ten notified, including the one that originated in a nightclub in Adeje, the largest that has been since the pandemic began, with at least 273 positives.

Therefore, the SCS director He indicated that the possible closure of nightlife is also "one of the issues that are on the table and that is being evaluated for the purpose of taking measures, but not only in the Canary Islands, but also at the State level." Despite this, he stressed that "it is not a problem of an activity, but an individual problem."

He stressed that the fact that most of the infections are occurring among those under 50 years of age helps that hospitals are not subjected to such a care burden, although he recalled that an exponential increase in cases with many close contacts "makes everything is stressed, both the tracking system and primary care and hospitals, but the system is responding. "

Regarding the decision to restore the mandatory use of the mask outdoors, the director of the Canary Islands Health Service (SCS) stressed that it is one more measure to try to avoid infections, but wanted to make it clear that this "only stops with individual responsibility and complying with the rules ", since most infections are occurring in closed areas, family gatherings and nightlife.

On the other hand, Domínguez has also advanced that, "today", He does not see feasible that the Canarian football derby between CD Tenerife and UD Las Palmas will be held on January 2 with 100% of the capacity in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López, although the Autonomous Community can only say within its powers.


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