Canarias removes the mask with a rise of 4,243 infections in a month

This measure that relaxes the use of the mask will take effect from Saturday and Canary Islands faces her with an increase of 4,243 infections in a month, registering 213 new cases in the last day, 157 of them in Tenerife -74% -, the highest rise since April.

Since the pandemic began in March 2020, the Archipelago has accumulated a balance of 59,762 positive cases diagnosed of coronavirus, of which there are 2,414 assets. 91% of these patients are at home -2,193-, with mild or asymptomatic symptoms; while 25 are admitted to the ICU -two more than on Wednesday-, and 196 remain hospitalized.

After not registering any death from Covid-19 in the Islands this Thursday, the number of fatalities stands at 784 people, 75% over 70 years old.

After the considerable increase in contagions notified this Thursday in Tenerife, the island concentrates 77% of the active cases -1,868- of the entire Archipelago, and already accumulates 27,087 positives and 435 deaths. For this reason, it is at level 3 alert for coronavirus.

Gran Canaria, for its part, has 23,235 accumulated, 39 more in the last day, 353 active and 275 deceased. It is followed by Lanzarote, which yesterday added a case, and there are already 5,717 accumulated, 78 active and 49 deaths from Covid.

The islands register 2,414 active persons, of which 91% are in their homes -2,193-, with mild or asymptomatic symptoms; and 221 hospitalized, 25 in the ICU and 196 in the ward.


Fuerteventura, with 2,530 accumulated, yesterday registered 16 more infections, has 107 assets and a general count of 14 deaths during the pandemic.

La Palma, did not add cases so it has 573 accumulated and one asset; El Hierro, without new cases, has 372 accumulated and remains without active cases, while La Gomera, also without new positives, has 247 accumulated and seven active.

In the last day there were 37 medical discharges in the Canary Islands, and there are already 56,564 people who have overcome the infection in the Archipelago, 94.6% of the total diagnoses


This day of San Juan there were 37 medical discharges, and there are already 56,564 people who have overcome the infection in the Archipelago, 94.6% of all diagnoses.

The increase in positives in recent weeks places the Accumulated Incidence at 7 days in the Canary Islands at 56.39 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and at 14 days at 101.56. Last Wednesday 2,774 PCRs were carried out, which adds up to a total of 1,195,623 of these PCR tests in the Islands for the diagnosis of the infection.


In this epidemiological scenario, the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 continues to advance among the Canarian population with a total of 1,648,158 doses administered, of the 1,779,840 received, representing 92.6%. In the entire target population, 35.91% have already received the complete vaccination schedule against the coronavirus, which amounts to 671,906 people; while 1,047,031 have received at least one dose of the vaccine, that is, 55.96%.

After completing the vaccination of health workers in the first line of pandemic, and residents and workers of social health centers; the most advanced groups in immunization with a complete schedule are the large household dependents (76%); those over 66 years of age not institutionalized (76.7%); the rest of the health personnel of the Islands (75.2%); and the population under 60 years of age at risk of severe Covid-19 (79.5%).


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