July 14, 2020

Canarias reduces active Covid-19 cases to 14% – La Provincia

The number of active cases of Covid-19 in the Islands has been reduced to 332, which is 14.2% compared to the number of positives diagnosed in the Canary Islands since the health crisis began, and which rose to 2,329 after adding yesterday five new cases, according to data released by the Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands. Most of the patients are being treated at home, 288, while 33 are hospitalized on the ward and 11 in the ICU. 945 people have required hospitalization during the pandemic -40.5% -, three yesterday; and 179 have done so in an intensive care service.

On the last day, no deaths were recorded, so the number of victims of Covid-19 remains at 158, most of whom are over 70 years of age. By Islands, the number of deaths has been much higher in Tenerife, with 108 deaths, followed by Gran Canaria with 38, and La Palma and Lanzarote, with six each. In the rest of the Archipelago, there have been no regrets for victims of the health crisis. In this sense, the Ministry of Health reported yesterday that, although the sum of the Canarian statistics of deceased is 158, the Ministry has established another criterion that reduces this figure to 150. “Until the new criteria are clarified and a screening the data, the Canary Islands will continue with its current accounting. “


In this new scenario of the pandemic by Covid-19, the Ministry of Health, adapting to the new protocol of the Ministry of Health, reported that until Monday at May 20, professionals from the Canary Islands Health Service, in their tracking work, they have detected a total of 285 suspected cases in the Canary Islands.

According to the aforementioned protocol, from Primary Care, with the collaboration of the Hospital Emergencies, suspicious cases of coronavirus are tracked, understanding these “anyone with a clinical picture of acute respiratory infection of sudden onset of any severity that is occurring, among others, with fever, cough, or feeling of shortness of breath. ” Other atypical symptoms such as loss of taste, loss of smell, diarrhea or muscle pain are also taken into account, always under clinical criteria as possible suspects.

By islands, and following the item of residence of the case, the one with the most accumulated positives is Tenerife, which has 1,477 cases; Gran Canaria follows with 579 cases; La Palma, 95 cases; Lanzarote, 84 cases; Fuerteventura, 45 cases; La Gomera, 8 cases and El Hierro, 3 cases. There are 38 people who have been diagnosed and treated and are registered by declaration area (the island where the test has been analyzed) but it has not been possible to identify their area of ​​residence because they may be tourists, port area workers or people without accommodation.

At this point, the Ministry of Health clarifies that, although on La Palma a positive case of coronavirus is being studied, this infection is registered in the statistics of Tenerife, since it is where this patient is registered and where he has his card assigned health.

The Canary Health Service has tested a total of 97,072 people, many of them several times using different diagnostic tests. The total number of tests are 119,795, 599 carried out until last Sunday. Of these, 101,996 are PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) for the diagnosis of Covid-19 and 17,799 are tests for molecular techniques, IgG and IgM and ELISA.

The number of health professionals infected with Covid-19 coronavirus is 587. The SCS has 31,000 workers, which is 1.89%.

During the pandemic, many health services have had to adapt to the health alert situation. This is the case of the Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Unit of the Rehabilitation service of the University Hospital of Gran Canaria, Doctor Negrín, which has continued its program of preparation for delivery for pregnant women with risk factors in a telematic way. In this way, the patients have been able to carry out their sessions without having to go to the hospital center, thus complying with the established security measures.


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