Canarias presents the Impulsa program to the world – La Provincia

Canarias presents the Impulsa program to the world - La Provincia

The Program Boosts, measure of attention to diversity start-up by the Ministry of Education and Universities of Government of the Canary Islands and that this course is in its second year of existence, has climbed the stage in World Congress of Early Childhood Education, held this weekend in Seville, a training event that is established as a space for reflection and debate for specialists and professionals in the field of education in the field of Early Childhood Education and stresses the importance of teacher training for this stage and the family as First collaborator through conferences, workshops, communications and posters.

The Impulsa program is part of the Plan attention to diversity of the Ministry of Education, a battery of measures with which the regional government seeks to improve the processes of learning of students, attending to the different profiles and specific needs and promoting inclusive practices in all areas: attention to diversity, prevention and eradication of absenteeism and reduction of early school leaving.

The team that coordinates Impulsa, an initiative that focuses primarily on competences in linguistic communication and mathematical competence, presented at the Congress the characteristics of the program, pioneer in the Archipelago and chosen by the organization of the training meeting as good practice and example of the important role of teacher training, for its dissemination in the conference.

The communication addressed different aspects of the implementation of the measure, especially formulas to improve teacher training, but also key elements of the program such as specific methodologies to improve school performance taking into account the different profiles of students and attending to its diversity, or strategies to promote the students' competences in an inclusive manner.

Among the different aspects presented in this communication, the coordinating team placed special emphasis on the presentation of the methods by which the program is applied: cooperative learning, to encourage the participation and cohesion of children in primary school and 1st and 2nd year of primary school ( attending, thus, to around 30 thousand students), the shared teaching, educational modality in which two teachers work together in the classroom to meet the needs of the students were some of the lines indicated.

At present, 232 educational centers have launched Impulsa; for this, they have a reinforcement of 274 support teachers. These centers have been selected this course based on the Social, Economic and Cultural Index in relation to academic results, as well as the number of students who have Specific Educational Support Needs.


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