July 25, 2021

Canarias opens another window to the cosmos with the Cherenkov telescope – La Provincia

Canarias opens another window to the cosmos with the Cherenkov telescope - La Provincia

La Palma will be the epicenter today of the astrophysical science of the planet. He Observatory of Roque de Los Muchachos, at the summit of the island, will be the headquarters this afternoon of the inauguration of a new scientific infrastructure: The LST-1. It is a Cherenkov telescope 23 meters in diameter that has been launched thanks to the collaboration of the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands (IAC) and the University of Tokyo and is part of a global project of high energy observation.

The event is expected to attend about 200 people, including scientists and authorities, which include personalities such as the Minister of Science and Universities of the Government of Spain, Pedro Duque, or the Nobel Prize in Physics and director of the Research Institute of the Cosmic Ray from the University of Tokyo, Takaaki Kajita, who was part of the act of laying the first stone of the LST-1 just over a year ago. Apart from the speeches of the political and scientific leaders of the Canary Islands and the researchers of the project, the inauguration of this new scientific infrastructure will feature a ribbon cutting ceremony with the Japanese rite, in honor of the entity that co-finances the project.

As indicated by the IAC, the LSTs are the largest of the Cherenkov Telescope Network (CTA). The LST-1 is the prototype of the four of this type that will be installed in the North Observatory, on La Palma, and will be surrounded by several 12-meter-diameter telescopes. Together, CTA will be able to detect, with unprecedented precision and sensitivity, gamma rays in a wide range of energies, which will provide a new vision of the sky.

The GTC, to debate in the Congress

Congress demanded yesterday the Government measures to value the Gran Telescopio de Canarias (GTC) as a tourist offer over the Islands, so as to de-seasonalize tourism in La Palma and is committed to tourism "quality, sustainable and with great added value ". This initiative of the PP, transacted with PSOE and Unidos Podemos, had the support of all the formations represented in the Commission of Industry, Tourism and Commerce of the Chamber, with the exception of PDeCAT, which abstained.

It was the popular Canary deputy Ernesto Aguiar, who pointed out the need to establish measures that allow the consolidation and growth of the GTC as an "indisputable world reference" and, in addition, that the academic training of young people be promoted in the specialized jobs linked to the projects national and international present and future that this generates.

During the debate, the Socialists indicated their agreement with the substance of this proposal but as their spokesperson in this matter, Tamara Raya, explained, they believe that the Government can not "impose measures" on the autonomous authorities that are already working on the promotion of the GTC. Therefore, the PP agreed to include in the text that the Executive promotes this project, in consensus with the relevant administration.

Thus, it was added to the text that administrations must ensure that the GTC "will continue to be public", that the professional training required in the initiative involves the involvement of universities, technical training and public trade schools, and that the visits and offers made in the facility are a "quality public service" and not leave it in the hands of "opaque" private companies.


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